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DeleteRecord: As its name implies, DeleteRecord deletes a record in a table (without confirmation from the user). Obviously, DeleteRecord must be carefully used to prevent deleting valuable data from the application. A typical use of DeleteRecord would be as part of an archiving operation, where data is a table is copied into another table (perhaps a linked SQL Server table) and then deleted from the current table. CancelRecordChange: EditRecord and CreateRecord both make irrevocable changes to a record. CancelRecordChange, in conjunction with an If block, allows a data macro to cancel the changes made by EditRecord and CreateRecord before the
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Personalizing Windows Vista
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which means that records are sometimes lost and never appear on forms and reports, even though users added the data to the application, or the wrong data is returned by the application s queries. In either case, the database can t be trusted because users are never sure that what they re seeing in forms and reports is correct. Users tend to trust what they see on the screen and printed on paper. Imagine the problems that would occur if a customer were never billed for a purchase, or inventory were incorrectly updated. Nothing good can come from a weak database design. As database developers, we re responsible for making sure the applications we design are as strong and resilient as possible. Building bulletproof databases that resist data entry errors and always correctly return data as expected is the theme of this chapter.
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If a modifier has been applied to an object, the Convert To menu option in the Modifier Stack pop-up menu is not available until you use the Collapse All command.
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Part VI
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Workstation C
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Figure 4.27: A visitor using the WorldBeat exhibit. For a video example of this system in use, see (http:/ /www.actibits.cOm/).
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Part VI
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Another possibility for determining the steady-state probabilities ri for all states i E S of a CTMC, is to take advantage of a well-known relation
Wrap Up
1. Click Create Mail in the toolbar (or press Ctrl+N or choose File New Mail Message from the menu bar). An empty message opens in a window titled New Message.
On the main toolbar are several buttons used to select objects, shown in Table 7-1. The Select Object button looks like the arrow cursor. The other three buttons select and transform objects. They are Select and Move (W), Select and Rotate (E), and Select and Scale (R). The final selection button is the Select and Manipulate button. With this button, you can select and use special helpers such as sliders.
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