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Note There s nothing built into Windows Media Player 10 that can capture content from the radio. But if you go to a site like and search for capture radio, you may be able to find a program that can help with that.
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13: Accessing Data with VBA Code
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Since the software developer or software architect creates defects unintentionally in an unsystematic way, the testing should be an intentionally systematic activity. Early test preparation should detect errors from the corresponding construction phase. Defects could and should be detected when tests are prepared, not when they are run. In this way the program can decrease the risk of not being able to keep to schedule or budget, because the earlier a defect is xed, the smaller the potential risks. With this approach the program can potentially save signi cant amounts of money and time and still come up with a nal high-quality product. Very late testing phases simply cannot nd all the defects in the product. Unfortunately, this does not mean that end-users will not nd them. It is not very unusual for the project to decrease the time planned for testing as a result of the development phase being prolonged. Too many times we have seen where this kind of approach ends up. Testing ef ciency means that the tester detects the most signi cant defects rst with a minimum test effort. The success of testing is not only dependent on the testers skills but also on the testability of the product. Testing a bad product is a waste of time, because not enough defects are found anyway and there will never be enough time to x all those that are found. Some products are more testable that others. Testability describes how easy it is to test a product. It is a composition of two things:3 controllability: the ease of setting all data used by the program into a known state observability: the ease with which all relevant details of the program under execution can be observed
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