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house, phone companies were mostly adamant that householders should pay, and could threaten to blacklist them if they didn t. Now that long distance calls are cheap, the financial incentive for clip-on fraud has largely disappeared. But it s still enough of a problem that the Norwegian phone company designed a system whereby a challenge and response are exchanged between a wall-socket-mounted authentication device and the exchange software before a dial tone is given [426]. Clip-on fraud had a catastrophic effect on a family in Cramlington, a town in the Northeast of England. The first sign they had of trouble was hearing a conversation on their line. The next was a visit from the police, who said there d been complaints of nuisance phone calls. The complainants were three ladies, all of whom had a number that was one digit different from a number to which this family had supposedly made a huge number of calls. When the family s bill was examined, there were also calls to clusters of numbers that turned out to be payphones; these had started quite suddenly at the same time as the nuisance calls. Later, when the family had complained to the phone company about a fault, their connection was rerouted and this had solved the problem. The phone company denied the possibility of a tap, despite the report from its maintenance person, who noted that the family s line had been tampered with at the distribution box. (The phone company later claimed this report was in error.) It turned out that a drug dealer had lived close by, and it seemed a reasonable inference that he had tapped their line in order to call his couriers at the payphones using the victim s calling line ID. But both the police and the local phone company refused to go into the house where the dealer had lived, claiming it was too dangerous even though the dealer had by now got six years in jail. The Norwegian phone company declined an invitation to testify about clip-on for the defense. The upshot was that the subscriber was convicted of making harrassing phone calls, in a case widely believed to have been a miscarriage of justice. Discussion continues about whether the closing of ranks between the phone company and the police was a policy of denying that clip-on was possible, a reflex to cover a surveillance operation or something more sinister. Stealing dial tone from cordless phones is another variant on the same theme. In the early 1990s, this became so widespread in Paris that France Telecom broke with phone company tradition and announced that it was happening, claiming that the victims were using illegally imported cordless phones that were easy to spoof [475]. Yet to this day I am unaware of any cordless phones authorized or not with decent air link authentication. The new digital cordless phones use the DECT standard, which allows for challenge-response mechanisms [769]; but the terminals fielded so far seem to simply send their names to the base station. Social engineering is another widespread trick. A crook calls you pretending to be from AT&T security, and asks whether you made a large number of calls to Peru on your calling card. When you deny this, she says that the calls were obviously fake, but, in order to reverse the charges, can she confirm that your card number is 123 456 7890 6543 No, you say (if you re not really alert), it s 123 456 7890 5678. Because 123 456 7890 is your phone number, and 5678 your password, you ve just given that caller the ability to bill calls to you. The advent of premium rate phone services has also led to scamsters developing all sorts of tricks to get people to call them: pager messages, job ads, fake emergency messages about relatives, low-cost calling cards with 900-access numbers you name it. The 809 area code for the Caribbean used to be a favorite cover for crooks
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Donor Designated endowment is money that was designated by the contributor for the purpose of endowment. Legally, that is the only true endowment. To keep faith with its contributors, and the law, the sponsor should withdraw no more than annual income; the sponsor may not withdraw principal. Under most endowment statutes, Imputed Income meets this requirement of not withdrawing more than annual income, provided the de nition of Imputed Income has been established rationally. In fact, I would contend that the Imputed Income approach meets the intent of endowment statutes far better than the traditional de nition of income (interest and dividends, etc.).
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Time Management
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4. Now you have to decide for yourself if you just want to install the program, or save it and install it later. Because this program would be easy to find in the future, click Run for this example. 5. You see another security warning about running the program. Click Run to proceed. 6. Next you re taken to some setup instructions. Normally you d read those. But for this example you can just click Next. 7. Typically you ll need to accept the license agreement, which basically says you can use the program, but you can t sell it to other people, give it away, and so forth. Click I agree and click Next. 8. The next page asks where you want to install the program. You should always accept the suggested path unless you really know what you re doing and have some good reason for choosing some other folder. 9. This program also asks if you want to install the program so that it s accessible only from your user account, or everyone s user account. For this example you can choose Everyone. 10. Click Next. 11. If you re not logged in to an administrative user account, you ll be prompted for an administrative password. Type that password and click Submit. 12. The program installs and you get some feedback to that effect. Click Close.
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This chapter covers parsing (or syntax analysis) the next phase of compilation after lexical analysis described in 3. We consider the most practical and widely used parsing techniques recursive descent and LR parsing. Also, in this chapter, we pay attention to trustworthy syntax error recovery techniques, which are of special importance for stable behavior of the compiler in case of syntax errors in the source code, and, therefore, for stable trust to the compiler by its users. The purpose of parsing is to convert a stream of tokens received from the previous phase, lexical analysis, into the parse (derivation) tree a tree-like representation of the program specifying its syntax structure, more compact and comfortable for the subsequent phases than the source code. In practice of modern compilers, the parser constructs an abstract syntax tree (AST) more abstract version of the parse tree, with the nodes for the brackets and other delimiters (like begin and end keywords) omitted. The AST form allows the compiler developers to avoid analyzing redundant layers of detail, avoid constructing and analyzing extra tree nodes, and to tie the semantic attributes and actions to really meaningful syntax constructs of the source language. AST for the expression A * (B + C) is depicted in Figure 4.1. If it was a traditional parse tree, there would be redundant nodes for each of the brackets and for the whole bracketed subexpression (B + C). Another goal of parsing is to enable trustworthy syntax error diagnostics and recovery.
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9.3.4 Functional Testing
ne of the rst questions I am invariably asked when I meet people, both Chinese and non-Chinese, is how long I have been in China. As noted earlier, I have been here since 1994. Regardless of who the person is, that answer is almost always met with some expression of surprise (although Chinese people then ask why my Mandarin isn t better). It has been fascinating and rewarding so far; the speed of change here is so rapid that sometimes I need a neck brace I think I have got cultural whiplash! Although I would be the last person to be considered a China expert, more than a decade of experience does provide some insights into doing business in this country. Here are some of the most important insights and lessons that I have learned from running my business here; they can both help you with your own pursuits in China and in selecting a partner in the China market.
money for materials only to leave them to collect dust is foolish. Find a place to keep your study aids handy and ready for use. FINDING A SUITABLE STUDY PLACE The ideal study location is a place that is handy, well lit, comfortable, and easily accessible. Don t waste valuable time driving to a faraway location, such as a library or your office; you may forget most of your materials at home. Your best study area is your home. You do not need an elaborate office area. Something as simple as a card table set up in a corner of your bedroom will suffice. Having a neat home is not your primary goal. Your primary goal is to create a study area where you can sit down and begin working quickly. Make it easy for you to study by keeping everything at your fingertips. Try not to use a place like the kitchen or dining room, where you must pack up your materials after each use. Not only does the packing and unpacking process waste time, it also may serve as a deterrent to your studies. When your materials are easily accessible, you are more likely to study even if you only have a few minutes. It s surprising how much can be learned in just a few minutes. Keeping your study area visible will serve to remind you about the importance of studying. The more visible your area is, the less chance you have of postponing the primary task at hand. Find an area that you can claim as your spot and where you can leave your materials out. Do you really need a phone nearby No. Leave your cell phone in another room. It is better to get up to answer the phone when it rings. You don t want to be tempted to use your study time placing telephone calls and checking voice mail messages. Be brave; turn that telephone off and let your calls go directly to voice mail. It s far more important to have a computer nearby where you can work your software questions. Keep in mind that you will most likely need two study places: one to study and learn the concepts, and a second area to practice your software problems. Make sure both are easily accessible and that both areas have proper lighting. Good lighting will help keep you alert and prevent your eyes from tiring quickly. Keep blank index cards near your computer and on your study table. Make it easy for you to prepare your own flash cards. Keep your study area well organized so you don t waste time searching for the proper study aid. Keeping study materials visible is important. After all, what if you can t sleep at night because you are suffering from exam anxiety The best cure for insomnia brought on by exam anxiety is to work through it, literally. Get up out of bed and begin answering CPA questions. This is easy for you if your materials are left out in the open, ready to use. You will be amazed at how quickly you will want to go back to bed and sleep after completing a few questions. If you must open drawers or cabinets to find your books be-
CrossReference 5, Customizing the Max Interface and Setting Preferences, offers more details on creating custom keyboard shortcuts.
Markovic and Baar [28] de ne a semantic mapping from OCL to a semantic domain by utilizing model transformations to express the evaluation of OCL expressions. The transformations apply to abstract syntax tree representations of OCL expressions and de ne how value bindings propagate through these trees as composite expressions are evaluated from the values of their components. The transformations are de ned using the QVT graphical speci cation notation for transformations. To de ne this semantics, the OCL metamodel needed to be extended to support convenient evaluation of expressions. An interesting point raised is that OCL as de ned does not specify if dynamic binding is to be used to evaluate query operations on objects de ned in an inheritance hierarchy.
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