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3. Setting usability goals. At this point, the different usHCI pattern forces model design tradeoffs
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Figure 12-31: You can use the Displace modifier s gizmo as a modeling tool to change the surface of an object.
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Classi er de nitions in UML.
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recognize employees who go the extra mile. Novak personally presents the numbered f loppy chicken to the recipient, along with a handwritten note of personal thanks and a $100 gift certificate. A photo of the presentation is put on permanent display in the Walk of Leaders, which is located in a prominent area of KFC s corporate headquarters. KFC s Random Acts of Recognition program is a peer recognition program designed to encourage employees to recognize coworkers who walk the talk (defined as following the company s eight leadership principles) while having fun doing it. Twice a month, an employee marching band parades through corporate headquarters and presents a bucket of balloons (in a KFC chicken bucket, of course) to a lucky recipient who walks the talk.
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Personalizing Windows Vista
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Coaches support and encourage. No one ever said that business was easy, in fact, it can sometimes be downright difficult. As a result, it s easy for employees regardless of their level of experience or expertise to become discouraged. Coaches keep close tabs on their employees to monitor their emotional states of mind. When employees need a boost, these managers are there to help provide it. Coaches emphasize team success over individual success. The best managers know that it s important to put the emphasis on team and team performance, not on the one or two standouts who invariably are a part of every team. Winning takes the combined efforts of all team members and singling out one or two stars only serves to demotivate the rest of the team. Coaches can quickly assess the talents and shortfalls of team members. No employee is strong in every area; some are proficient at certain tasks while others are proficient at a completely different set. It s up to coaches to determine their team members strengths and weaknesses and then tailor their approach to each. If, for example, an employee is great at customer relations, but needs help with filling out sales reports, the manager can concentrate on providing support for the employee s development of better reporting skills. Coaches teach. Coaches are often more experienced at performing certain tasks than the employees they manage, and one of their key functions is to transfer this knowledge to employees so that they can perform at a high level of expertise. Smart coaches take the time to teach employees the skills they need to succeed in their organizations in a nonthreatening and inclusive way. Coaches inspire their team members. Employees respond positively to sincere encouragement from managers. Coaches make a point of supporting and inspiring their team members, helping them to consistently bring their best efforts to their jobs. Experienced coaches know that teams of inspired individuals can move mountains when
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; term /* implicit semantic rule: $$ = $1; */ | expr + term { $$ = $1 + $3; } ; term: primary /* implicit semantic rule: $$ = $1; */ | term * primary { $$ = $1 * $3; } ; primary: INT { $$ = atoi($1); } | ( expr ) { $$ = $2; } %% int yylex() { /* lexical analyzer recognizing + , * and INT */ } expr: int yyerror(const char * msg) /* error diagnostics routine */ { (void) fprintf(stderr, %s\n , msg); } int main (void) { extern int yyparse(); /* the yacc parser */ (void) yyparse(); return 0; } /* let example.y be the source le for yacc */ The include directives used in the yacc input le (example.y) are just the same as for lex references to input/output routines and to character classi cation routines. The %token de nitions in the next section are yacc-speci c de nitions of token classes. In yacc, they can be either token class identi ers, like INT, or explicit operator symbols, like + or *. Token de nitions like INT are converted by yacc into C-speci c de ne macro de nitions and placed into the output le yy.tab.h. Token de nitions like + or * specify not only operator symbols but also their priorities, or precedence, by textual order of the de nitions: The operator symbol de ned later has higher priority. Operator precedence is used for resolving shift reduce con icts: For example, if on the parser stack there is a handle containing the * operator (like a * b), and the input symbol is +, the parser will choose the reduce action, rather than shift, because * has a higher precedence than +. The next section of the example contains the syntax rules with semantic actions. The left part of a rule is separated from the right part by colon (:). The alternatives of syntax for a construct, belonging to one rule, are separated by vertical bars (|). Each rule is nished by a semicolon (;).
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Creating Custom Shortcut Keys
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Using the Design tab
March 17, 136 Marcus assumes the toga virilis ( toga of manhood ). Of cial name: Marcus Annius Verus. Engagement to Ceionia Fabia. February 25, 138 Adoption by Antoninus Pius. Of cial name: Marcus Aelius Aurelius Verus. 138 Engagement to Antoninus Pius daughter Annia Galeria Faustina. 139 Assumption of title of Caesar; member in all priesthoods, among other of ces.
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