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Calculation of Acquisition Equity for Firm A
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As already defined in 2, risk arises from any transaction or business decision whose result may deviate from the expected outcome, that is, due to unexpected (negative) changes in its value. For banks, we can draw a
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Error Handling and Macro Debugging
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Chicken Chasseur
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If you have a Windows keyboard, you ll also have a Windows key, which shows the Windows logo. In text, that s often referred to as . That one is usually near the lower-left corner of the keyboard. That key might also show the word Start, because you can tap it to show and hide the Start menu.
____________________ 1 The CPA Exam Alert (January/February 2003): AICPA, Skill Definition for the Revised CPA Exam, p 3.
Another dead giveaway is when the Address bar shows an IP address in front of a legitimate site name. For example, looks like it has something to do with Chase bank. However, the IP address ( is the actual Web server address. The part after the IP address,, is just a folder on that server and can be any name the crooks want it to be. It s unlikely that a legitimate business would show an IP address instead of its registered domain name.
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