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When you ve finished watching a DVD, click the Stop button in the play controls. To eject the CD from the drive, choose Play Eject, or press Ctrl+E, or press the Eject button on your DVD drive.
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You may (or may not) have already added some contacts to your Address Book from Outlook Express. You can add contacts at any time. And you can change contact information at any time. It s simple: If you want to add a contact to Windows Address Book, click the New button in its toolbar, and choose New Contact. If you want to change or add information to an existing contact (such as one that was added automatically), right-click the contact s line in the main pane of the Address Book and choose Properties. If you add a contact, you ll come to a Properties dialog box similar to the one in Figure 33-19, but all the textboxes will be empty. If you right-click an existing contact and choose Properties, you ll come to the same dialog box. But you have to click the Name tab to see the options shown in Figure 33-19.
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Figure 17-3: Places to look for files If you don t see the drive or folder you want to search, click the Browse option at the bottom of the drop-down menu. A Browse for Folder dialog box will open, allowing you to choose any folder you want to search. That dialog box will include a My Network Places option that you can use to search shared folders on other computers in your local network, or even your entire network. Once you ve made a selection from the Browse for Folder dialog box, click OK to return to the Search Companion. free code39 reader
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There is another layer on top of this, however, in that every single hotel has a story as well, which the customer-facing employees are known to rattle off every chance they get. If the property is in a building that is 250 years old, the employees know all the major events and turning points that occurred in the past within those walls (edited for interest). If the resort was built five years ago, they will tell you how the architecture was inspired, what the statues out front represent, and where the artifacts in the lobby came from. Everything has a story, and everyone who works there knows it. It s a core part of the training, and nobody talks to a guest until he or she has it all down. I m a big fan of the Ritz-Carlton chain of luxury hotels. In fact, I give a great example of where they shine in 6. But I don t know the Ritz-Carlton foundation story. Maybe they are so big that they don t need to push it now. It s hard to argue with their success. I still come at this from a small business person s perspective. To me, the foundation story is merely an example of a thousand other ways in which a sense of purpose becomes instilled in an organization. WHAT DO YOU STAND FOR When you talk about what you stand for, you need to get specific. Don t bore your employees and everyone else with corporate babble and doublespeak. People don t get fired up about creating value for our stakeholders, leveraging our core competencies, or other generic phrases that belong in boring annual reports. Leave that for the corporate suits who are trying not to offend anyone. Give your employees, customers, and partners a reason to care. Tell them why you are different. Tell them why what you do matters.
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39 Watching DVD, Video, and More
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