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A Database object represents a data source and is analogous to an ADO Connection object. Access is able to directly open a number of different database formats. When working directly with the ACE or Jet database engines, a database could be any number of sources: a dBASE file, a FoxPro file, another .mdb, or even an ODBC data source. The distinguishing feature is how you set your database object variables. The following code refers to the currently open Microsoft Access database:
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After the application s performance has been verified, it s distributed to its users. If necessary, users are trained in the application s use and instructed on how to report problems or make suggestions for future versions. Many Access developers dive right into development without adequately defining the application s objectives or designing the database s structure. Unless the application is incredibly simple, a developer who doesn t work to a specification will surely end up with a buggy, unreliable, and trouble-prone database.
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// Base class class Radio // GSM or CDMA Radio, not FM or bluetooth { public: // many interface functions ... // ... virtual TState OnModemRequest() // Virtual Method void ModemReq() { TState state = OnModemRequest(); switch (state) // ... etc } }; // Derived class class CellPhone : private Radio { public: void MakeCall(); // ... many interface functions ... private: TState OnModemRequest(); // note the virtual keyword is not required };
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8. True or False: The intrinsic value of an option does not depend on how much time is left until expiration. Answer: True. Discussion: Only extrinsic value is affected by the passage of time. This is why it is important to understand what extrinsic and intrinsic value measure so that the proper risk management can be used. For example, you rarely want to be long options with less than 30 days until expiration. Why Because theta has a more dramatic impact on time value during the last 30 days of an option s life. 9. Time value ______________ as an option approaches expiration. Answer: B Decreases. Discussion: As the name infers, time has value. Thus, as time passes, its value decreases. However, time decay or theta accelerates in the last 30 days of an option s life. This is why we suggest buying options with at least 90 days until expiration so that time decay is not a major factor. We also do not normally hold long options once we have less than 30 days until expiration. 10. Time value is also known as ______________. Answer: C Theta. Discussion: Theta is the Greek that represents time decay and time value. Theta tells us how much the option will lose each day due to time decay. If we sell an option, theta is positive. The option will increase in value due to the passage of time and the impact of time decay. 11. The more ______________ an option is, the less it costs. Answer: C Out-of-the-money. Discussion: When an option is OTM, it has no intrinsic value and the odds of the option nishing ITM are lower. The further OTM the option gets, the less it will cost. Buying deep OTM options is a lot like buying a lottery ticket. If an option is several strikes OTM, it might have a delta of 10 to 15, which means there is only a 10 to 15 percent chance the option will nish in-the-money by expiration. 12. If a call option s price is less than its intrinsic value, investors would buy the calls and exercise them, making a guaranteed ______________ before commissions. Answer: D Arbitrage pro t. Discussion: This occurs very infrequently, but it is important to understand the concept. If the call option we hold is trading for less
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Test One: Glycosylated Hemoglobin Levels
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Root loci travel from the poles (where k = 0) to the zeros (where k = ). Figure 4.22 shows a graphical depiction of two loci traveling from one pair of poles to another pair of zeros.
Table 9.9
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