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This chapter focuses on foods that are not served as part of a normal lunch or dinner menu.These foods are usually small items that may be served at a formal reception preceding a meal, as part of a separate event not connected with a meal, or simply as accompaniments to beverages at an informal gathering. The two most common ways of serving hors d oeuvres are butler-style and buffetstyle. In butler-style service, the hors d oeuvre selections are offered to guests by service staff carrying small trays as they pass among the assembled group. Several points should be kept in mind when planning this style of service: Each item should be small enough to be eaten in one or two bites. Each item should be easily handled by the guest. Canap s or other foods that can be picked up without soiling the ngers are ideal. For foods with a moist or oily surface, offer picks that guests can use to handle the food without touching it. Cocktail napkins should always be offered. Foods requiring a plate are better served on a cocktail buffet. Strive for simple, attractive arrangements on the tray.The foods should look appetizing even when only a few items are left.Trays that no longer look appealing should be brought back to the kitchen or pantry area to be refreshed and re lled. Ideally, each tray should hold only one food selection. For simple items, two or three selections can be presented on a single tray, but avoid making the tray too complex or overloaded. Avoid presenting hot and cold items on the same tray. Cold items are easiest to serve. Hot items should be brought back to the kitchen or pantry area as soon as they are no longer warm. For items to be offered with dips, a small bowl of the dip can be presented on the same tray as the individual hors d oeuvres.
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Windows XP originally shipped with a program named Windows Movie Maker, which has since been updated to Windows Movie Maker 2. I ll be writing about Windows Movie Maker 2.1 in this chapter. Actually, there s a version 2 and a version 2.1, the latter being part of Service Pack 2. But the two versions are virtually identical, so if you re using Version 2 there s no need to rush out and update to 2.1 right now. Anyway, here s how to check which version of Movie Maker you re currently using: 1. Click the Start button and choose All Programs Windows Movie Maker.
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These kinds of productivity principles are not mere theory. When we put these same principles into effect, our productivity went up more than we had thought possible. And our employee morale went up, too. It became easier to write code the right way and harder to make stupid mistakes. This new way of creating software makes it possible for us to concentrate on what we really want to do here at Cisco, which is to improve the Internet for everybody. ANDY CHESSIN, SENIOR T ECHNICAL LEAD, CISCO, INC . When people complain that technology is out of control, they often say that complexity is the problem but Adam Kolawa invites us to look deeper, and recognize that the actual problem is the lack of a reliable, reproducible process for creating complex systems that work the rst time. His call to action is aimed, not only at CIOs, but at CEOs and other business strategists who need to keep pace with the accelerating evolution of global markets. Don t read his book to learn more about IT: Read it to change the way you think about empowering and transforming your organization. P ETER C OFFEE, DIRECTOR OF PLATFORM R ESEARCH, SALESFORCE.COM
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THE LOST ART OF LISTENING As mentioned in the preceding section, listening is the most important communication format in organizations today, but it is also the format that we are least prepared for when we enter the workforce.
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As with Ruth Handler, who had trouble early on convincing her male colleagues that the world needed a more adult-looking doll with breasts, similar to the cutouts her daughter played with, Carter Bryant did not exactly bowl Isaac Larian over with his concept of doll beauty. These dolls looked nothing like Barbie, which Larian felt was the image required to win rst place and generate billions of dollars
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Kaner, E., Heather, N., McAvoy, B., Haighton, C. & Gilvarry, E. (1999a). Intervention for excessive alcohol consumption in primary health care: attitudes and practices of English general practitioners. Alcohol & Alcoholism, 34, 559 566. Kaner, E.F.S., Haighton, C.A., McAvoy, B.R., Heather, N. & Gilvarry, E. (1999b). A RCT of three training and support strategies to encourage implementation of screening and brief alcohol intervention by general practitioners. British Journal of General Practice, 49, 699 703. Kissin, B. (1977). Comments on Alcoholism: a controlled trial of treatment and advice . Journal of Studies on Alcohol, 38, 1804 1808. Kristenson, H., Ohlin, H., Hulten-Nosslin, M., Trell, E. & Hood, B. (1983). Identi cation and intervention of heavy drinking in middle-aged men: results and follow-up of 24:60 months of long-term study with randomized controls. Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, 20, 203 209. Lock, C.A., Kaner, E.F.S., Heather, N., McAvoy, B.R. & Gilvarry, E. (1999). A randomized trial of three marketing strategies to disseminate a screening and brief alcohol intervention programme to general practitioners. British Journal of General Practice, 49, 695 698. Longabaugh, R., Wirtz, P.W., Zweben, A. & Stout, R.L. (1998). Network support for drinking, Alcoholics Anonymous and long-term matching effects. Addiction, 93, 1313 1333. Longabaugh, R., Woolard, R.F., Nirenberg, T.D., Minugh, A.P., Becker, B., Clifford, P.R. et al. (2001). Evaluating the effects of a brief motivational intervention for injured drinkers in the emergency department. Journal of Studies on Alcohol, 62, 806 816. Maheswaran, R., Beevers, M. & Beever, D.G. (1992). Effectiveness of advice to reduce alcohol consumption in hypertensive patients. Hypertension, 19, 79 84. Mattick, R.P. & Jarvis, T. (Eds) (1993). An Outline for the Management of Alcohol Problems: Quality Assurance Project. National Drug Strategy Monograph Series No. 20. Canberra: Australian Government Publishing Service. Mattick, R.P. & Jarvis, T. (1994). Brief or minimal intervention for alcoholics The evidence suggests otherwise. Drug & Alcohol Review, 13, 137 144. McCormick, R., Adams, P., Powell, A., Bunbury, D., Paton-Simpson, G. & McAvoy, B. (1999). Encouraging general practitioners to take up screening and early intervention for problem use of alcohol: a marketing trial. Drug and Alcohol Review, 18, 171 177. McCrady, B.S., Stout, R.L., Noel, N.E., Abrams, D.B & Nelson, H.F. (1991). Comparative effectiveness of three types of spouse-involved behavioural alcoholism treatment: outcomes 18 months after treatment. British Journal of Addiction, 86, 1415 1424. McLellan, A.T., Luborsky, L., Woody, G.E., Druley, K.A. & O Brien, C.A. (1983). Predicting response to alcohol and drug abuse treatments: role of psychiatric severity. Archives of General Psychiatry, 40, 620 625. Miller, W.R. & Baca, L.M. (1983). Two-year follow-up of bibliotherapy and therapist-directed controlled drinking training for problem drinkers. Behavior Therapy, 14, 441 448. Miller, W.R. & Taylor, C.A. (1980). Relative effectiveness of bibliotherapy, individual and group selfcontrol training in the treatment of problem drinkers. Addictive Behaviors, 5, 13 24. Miller, W.R., Brown, J.M., Simpson, T.L. et al. (1995). What works A methodological analysis of the alcohol treatment outcome literature. In R.K. Hester & W.R. Miller, (Eds), Handbook of Alcoholism Treatment Approaches: Effective Alternatives. Needham Heights, MA: Allyn & Bacon. Miller, W.R., Gribskov, C.J. & Mortell, R.L. (1981). Effectiveness of a self-control manual for problem drinkers with and without therapist contact. International Journal of the Addictions, 16, 1247 1254. Miller, W.R., Sovereign, R.G. & Krege, B. (1988). Motivational interviewing with problem drinkers: II. The Drinker s Check-up as a preventive intervention. Behavioural Psychotherapy, 16, 251 268. Miller, W.R., Taylor, C.A. & West, J.C. (1980). Focused vs. broad-spectrum behavior therapy for problem drinkers. Journal of Consulting & Clinical Psychology, 48, 590 601. Miller, W.R., Zweben, A., DiClemente, C. & Rychtarik, R. (1992). Motivational Enhancement Therapy: A Clinical Research Guide for Therapists Treating Individuals with Alcohol Abuse and Dependence. Project MATCH Monograph Series, Vol. 2, DHHS Publication No. (ADM) 92 1894. Washington, DC, Department of Health & Human Services.
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Description Choose option with underlined letter Select a button if the active option is a group of option buttons Open a folder one level up if a folder is selected in the Save As or Open dialog box Go to previous tab Go to next tab Same as clicking OK Same as clicking Cancel Help Display the items in the active list Move to previous option Select or clear the checkbox Move to next option Key ALT+letter Arrow keys BACKSPACE CTRL+SHIFT+TAB CTRL+TAB ENTER ESC F1 key F4 key SHIFT+TAB SPACEBAR TAB
First Things First
By default, Windows Firewall blocks just about everything but basic Web browsing and e-mail. The Exceptions tab in the Windows Firewall dialog box lets you define other Internet programs that you want to use. When you first click the Exceptions tab, you ll see a list of programs and services, beyond your browser and e-mail, that are allowed to communicate through your firewall, as in the example shown in Figure 26-4. Figure 26-4: Exceptions tab of the Windows Firewall dialog box
Pain is probably the immediate stimulus for more visits to the physician's office than all other complaints combined. Since pain serves as an alert to injury, it is often the first harbinger of disease; pain is thus associated with a multitude of physical ills. The fact that this sensation often persists well beyond the point where it has served its alerting function makes its alleviation a prime therapeutic target. In a very general way, the sensation of pain can be divided into two segments. The first is the immediate stimulus that sets off the chain of events; this could be a surface injury such as a burn or a cut, an inflamed internal organ, or any other disorder that causes pain receptors to be triggered. Following a rather complex series of neurochemical transmissions, the signal reaches the brain, where it is processed and finally 109
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