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The Speckle map produces small randomly positioned specks. The Speckle Parameters rollout lets you control the Size and color of the specks. Two color swatches are for the base and speck colors. Figure 25-22 shows the Speckle map with Size values of (from left to right) 100, 200, and 400.
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n A series of messages that originate from a single post is called a conversation or thread. For example, if I post a question, and nine people respond, those ten messages constitute a conversation or thread. n Many newsgroups are moderated by people who screen messages for suitability to the newsgroup. Others are unmoderated, and messages pass through to the newsgroup unscreened and uncensored. n Lurking is hanging around a newsgroup to see what s being said without actually contributing anything. When you re new to a newsgroup, lurking for a while is a good idea, just to get an idea of what subject matter the group thinks is appropriate. n Spamming is sending blatant advertisements or sneaky ads disguised as newsgroup messages to a newsgroup. Highly unacceptable, and sure to get you flamed! n Flaming is sending nasty messages to people in the group. If you post irrelevant messages to a group, you might get flamed! n Ranting is yelling, whining, and complaining about things you don t like. Even if you feel like ranting, never type in all caps. IT LOOKS LIKE YOU RE SHOUTING and gets on people s nerves. n Netiquette is observing proper newsgroup etiquette by not sending irrelevant comments and not spamming the group. A good netizen (network citizen) follows proper netiquette.
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Multiple instances of Internet Explorer are open.
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Ingredients Flour Potato starch Baking powder Salt Oil Water Onion, chopped ne Olive oil Red bell pepper, cut brunoise Egg Heavy cream Chives, chopped ne Crabmeat Fresh bread crumbs Lime and Ginger Chutney (p. 202)
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If you have a Windows keyboard, pressing +F1 will always bring up Windows XP s Help and Support Center.
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Ingredients Milk Yeast, fresh Bread our Eggs Bread our Sugar Salt Butter, softened Yield: U.S. 8 oz 2 oz 8 oz 1 lb 4 oz 2 lb 2 oz 0.5 oz 1 lb 8 oz 6 lb Metric 250 g 60 g 250 g 625 g 1000 g 60 g 15 g 750 g 3010 g Percentage 20% 5% 20% 50% 80% 5% 1.25% 60% 241%
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The Capital Markets and IR
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WHAT DO YOUR EMPLOYEES WANT When it comes to rewards, many managers believe that the only thing that their employees want is more money. However, while money can be an important way of letting employees know their worth to the organization, it tends not to be a sustaining motivational factor to most individuals. That is, cash rewards such as salary, bonuses, and the like are nice, but seldom are they what motivate people to give their best efforts on the job. Cash rewards have one more problem. In most organizations, performance reviews and corresponding salary increases occur only once a year, whereas the things that cause someone to be motivated today such as being thanked for doing a good job, involved in decision making, and supported by their manager are typically activities that have happened recently within the immediate work group. To motivate
Each field data type has its own set of properties. For example, Number fields have a Decimal Places property, and Text fields have a Text Align property. Although many data types share a number of properties (such as Name) in common, there are enough different field properties to make it easy to become confused or to incorrectly use the properties. The following sections discuss some of the more important and frequently used field properties.
The variance of a sum of random variables can be expressed covariance:
Make lifetime gifts. Everyone can give any person up to $11,000 worth of property each year without incurring gift taxes, and these annual gifts can be made to as many people as you want. (The $11,000 amount is indexed for inflation.) If spouses give jointly, the exempt amount is $22,000 annually. That means a couple with three children can jointly give the maximum to each child and get up to $66,000 out of their estates annually without incurring gift taxes. More can be removed from the estates tax free if gifts are made to the grandchildren. Gifts can be made directly or through trusts if the trusts have the right language. Make large lifetime gifts. The lifetime estate and gift tax credit can be used against either estate taxes at death, gift taxes during life, or a combination of the two. If one can afford to be without the property for life, it is better to use the credit now with large gifts than later through the estate. That s because estate and gift taxes are based on the value of property. If property is appreciating, heirs get more tax-free wealth if the property is given now rather than later when the taxes will be computed on the appreciated value. Also, inflation erodes the value of the credit, and that s another reason to use the credit now if one can afford to do without the property. Set up a credit shelter trust. This trust accomplishes several goals. It ensures that full advantage is taken of the lifetime exemption equivalent if it hasn t been used. The trust also allows a surviving spouse full use of the property and its income for life, while ensuring that any remaining property will go to children of the marriage (or other designated beneficiaries) rather than to a potential second family or other objects of the surviving spouse s affection. Under the credit shelter trust strategy, in the will, property up to the lifetime exemption equivalent amount is left to the trust. The surviving spouse is the sole beneficiary of the trust for as long as he or she is alive and is entitled to the income and property of the trust. After that spouse s passing, the children of the marriage inherit the remaining property in the trust. Use irrevocable trusts. Property that is transferred during life to an irrevocable trust is excluded from the gross estate. The transferor cannot be a beneficiary of the trust or be able to get the property back. There probably will be gift taxes owed when the trust is set up, but that should be cheaper than paying estate taxes down the road. If a goal is to avoid gift taxes, just enough property can be put in the trust each year to take advantage of the annual gift tax exemption. An irrevocable trust has the additional benefit of allowing the donor to make the gifts with strings attached. Those strings might protect heirs from themselves and also from being spoiled or otherwise damaged by an inheritance.
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