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TABLE 12.1
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Personalizing Windows Vista
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Thus, for example, hospital patients have a right to privacy; in order to uphold this right, the doctors, nurses, and other staff have a duty of confidence toward their patients. The hospital has no right of privacy in respect of its business dealings, but those employees who are privy to them may have a duty of confidence. So, in short, privacy is secrecy for the benefit of the individual, while confidentiality is secrecy for the benefit of the organization. There is a further complexity in that it s often not sufficient to keep the contents of messages secret. For example, many countries have laws making the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases secret, yet a private eye who could find out that you were exchanging encrypted messages with an STD clinic might well draw the conclusion that you were being treated there. So one may also have to protect metadata such as the source or destination of messages. Anonymity can be just as important a factor in privacy (or confidentiality) as secrecy. To make things even more complex, some writers refer to what I ve called secrecy as message content confidentiality, and to what I ve called anonymity as message source (or destination) confidentiality.
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Once you ve mapped a drive letter to a shared resource, the resource becomes a network drive. But that s just a terminology thing. You haven t changed the shared resource, or what you can do with the resource, in any way, shape, or form. And the drive need not be a disk drive at all. It can be a folder. The term network drive just refers to the fact that the shared resource looks like a drive, by virtue of the fact that it has a drive letter and icon in My Computer.
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38 Making Music with Windows Media Player 10
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Fields list Property Sheet
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Understanding the Various Particle Systems
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This chapter uses the 05.accdb database. If you haven t already copied it onto your machine from the CD, you ll need to do so now.
We have talked continually about the importance of having an adviser. But what should cause us to lose con dence in our adviser There are two basic things an adviser should do for us: 1. Help us develop our Investment Policy and our Policy Asset Allocation (including our Benchmark Portfolio). 2. Recommend whom to hire as investment managers and when to terminate a manager. The second function is easiest to quantify. If over a period of three to ve years our actual returns have not equaled or exceeded our Benchmark Portfolio, that would be evidence that the adviser s recommendations of managers have not been particularly good. The rst function is harder to quantify except in the long term. If our adviser has led us to a widely diversi ed portfolio, our Benchmark Portfolio might underperform more conventional portfolios during intervals when conventional asset classes such as large U.S. stocks and investment grade bonds have outperformed most other asset classes. This, however, would probably not be a time to switch advisers. On the other hand, if we have not approved most of our adviser s recommendations, how can we hold our adviser accountable Perhaps it is our own committee s approach that we should be modifying. Finally, a number one function of any adviser, in my opinion, is to give us continuing investment education. If the adviser is not doing that, or if we cannot achieve a rapport with our adviser, perhaps it is time to consider a change.
"Mit Eqer hab' ich mich der Studien beflissen; Zwar weip ich viel, doch mocht' ich alles wissen."
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11. OMG. Meta Object Facility (MOF) Core Speci cation, Version 2.0. Technical Report Formal/06-01-01. Object Management Group, Needham, MA, 2006. 12. openArchitectureWare., 2008. 13. D. Akehurst, G. Howells, M. Scheidgen, and K. McDonald-Maier. C# 3.0 makes OCL redundant! In Ocl4All: Modelling Systems with OCL. Electronic Communications of the EASST, vol. 9. European Association of Software Science and Technology, Nashville, TN, 2007. 14. OMG. OCL 2.0 Final Adopted Speci cation. Technical Report ptc/03-1014. Object Management Group, Needham, MA, 2003.
one set of answers to questions about the size, shape, and nature of the next generation of innovation.
Toolbar Button Name Empty Flow Standard Flow Description Creates an emitter icon, but includes no actions Creates an emitter icon wired to an event that includes default actions including Birth, Position Icon, Speed, Rotation, Shape, and Display Emits particles and defines the start, stop, and amount or rate Emits particles based on a script Removes particles from the flow, either All, Selected, or by Age Adds and subjects particles to Space Warp forces Prevents particle collisions by controlling particle speed Defines the mapping coordinates for the particles Assigns material to a particle that can change during the life of a particle
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