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3ds Max 8 includes lots of new improvements. Some are considered major because they likely will affect every user s workflow, and others are minor because they are smaller in scale. However, an improvement listed as minor may be the one you ve been waiting for.
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Precleaned, Precut Salad Greens
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Illiquid Investments
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Figure 30.11 Parker House rolls.
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FIGURE 30.12
Personalizing Windows Vista
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Muscle bers are bound together in a network of proteins called connective tissue. Also, each muscle ber is covered in a sheath of connective tissue. It is important for the cook to understand connective tissue for one basic reason: Connective tissue is tough.To cook meats successfully, you should know 1. Which meats are high in connective tissue and which are low. What the best ways are to make tough meats tender. Meats are highest in connective tissue if They come from muscles that are more exercised. Muscles in the legs, for example, have more connective tissue than muscles in the back. They come from older animals.Veal is more tender than meat from a young steer, which, in turn, is more tender than meat from an old bull or cow. (Young animals have connective tissue, too, but it becomes harder to break down as the animal ages.) Meats high in connective tissue can be made more tender by using proper cooking techniques. There are two kinds of connective tissue: collagen, which is white in color, and elastin, which is yellow. Collagen. Long,slow cooking in the presence of moisture breaks down or dissolves collagen by turning it into gelatin and water. Of course, muscle tissue is about 75 percent water,so moisture is always present when meats are cooked.Except for very large roasts,however,long cooking by a dry-heat method has the danger of evaporating too much moisture and drying out the meat.Therefore, moist-heat cooking methods at low temperatures are most effective for turning a meat high in connective tissue into a tender, juicy nished product. Other factors also help tenderize collagen: Acid helps dissolve collagen.Marinating meat in an acid mixture,or adding an acid such as tomato or wine to the cooking liquid, helps tenderize it. Enzymes are naturally present in meats.They break down some connective tissue and other proteins as meat ages (see Aging, pp. 261 262).These enzymes are inactive at freezing temperatures,slow-acting under refrigeration,active at room temperature, and destroyed by heat above 140 F (60 C). Tenderizers are enzymes such as papain (extracted from papaya) that are added to meats by the cook or injected into the animal before slaughter.Exercise care when using enzyme tenderizers.Too long an exposure at room temperature can make the meat undesirably mushy.
There is a misconception dating perhaps from the early Industrial Age divide between brain work and brawn work that only a special class of employee gets to innovate. This is wrong! I suppose that in Charles Dickens s day, the widespread practice was for managers to determine what work was to be done and for the workers to do it. In today s workplace, everyone is a knowledge worker. Whether you are a truck driver at UPS, a line worker at Toyota, or a baggage handler at Continental Airlines, you are a knowledge worker. Success (i.e., unambiguously demonstrating progress toward mutually agreed-on business objectives) is less a function of telling people what to do than enabling them to make choices that move the enterprise in directions that are immediately nontoxic and advantageous in the future. Business analytics has to be embedded in the choice architecture of the enterprise. Innovation takes a village. It is a group effort. By de nition, innovation involves at least two audiences the bene t creator and the bene ciary. Frequently it involves many more. In the critically acclaimed and fondly remembered PBS Series Connections (1979), James Burke, the British science historian, demonstrated how developments in science, society, and history were interrelated (i.e., connected ).22 Innovation also tends to combine multiple perspectives. Facts, numbers, and analytics are what will facilitate this border crossing. Most who study innovation (e.g., dissect past innovations to see how they actually happened) believe that many innovations come to be as the result of synthesizing, or bridging, ideas from different domains. Peter Drucker, management guru, stated that 60 percent of innovation comes from outside your industry boundaries. The most surprising creative insights result from connections among different bodies of knowledge. This is why getting analysts out and about is so critically important. Paul Saffo, the technology forecaster, believes, An advance in a single eld never triggers substantial change. Change is triggered by the cross impact of things operating together. 23 Jane Jacobs, the urbanist and author of The Death and Life of Great American Cities, believes that it is this cross-pollination, this collision of diverse ideas that make cities vibrant hubs of creativity.24
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