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Cream of Corn
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Vinegars should have a good, clean, sharp avor for their type. Strength of acidity determines the tartness of the vinegar and of the dressing made from it. Most salad vinegars are about 5 percent acidity, but some range as high as 7 or 8 percent.Read the label for this information.Vinegar that is too strong should be diluted with a little water before it is measured for a recipe. White vinegar is used when a completely neutral avor is desired for a dressing. Other vinegars are used for their characteristic avors.Wine vinegars are usually preferred for the best-quality oil-and-vinegar dressings.
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P r o c e d u r e Warm the olive oil. Add the lemon juice, garlic, basil, tomatoes, and olives. Season to taste with salt, pepper, and hot pepper sauce. Serve warm.
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for the California Car hotrod look. Ryan and Handler were heavily involved in the project. Ryan, for example, spent about $20,000 on a steering mechanism that he had in mind, but failed to make it work. Adickes hated the idea of using the Matchbox product as a model. Matchbox was not a good representation of a car, he says years later. If you dragged it on a desk the wheels wouldn t roll and they d just scratch the desk. To me a car was something that had springs and rubber tires and rolled and was fast. All the toys that Mattel had succeeded with were replicas of real life whether a doll or a ri e and that s what I wanted in the toy car. He sketched a design, had one of the model makers make a quick prototype, and tested the little car on a 20-foot-long rubber gasket from a garage door. I put that thing on it and zoom! I had to go look for it and by the time I came back to my of ce, Elliot, Jack, Ruth, and the marketing director were there. I demonstrated the car again and Elliot said, Okay, that s what we re going to do, and that was the end of the development. It probably cost Mattel $150, but so many people contributed so much to make it successful. With the New York Toy Fair looming, the Handlers held a sneak preview of Hot Wheels for Kmart, one of Mattel s biggest buyers in the late 1960s. Ken Sanger, the boys toys buyer for the discount store chain, watched the demonstration, which lasted less than a minute. The Handlers jaws dropped when he told them he would initially order a mind-boggling fty million cars, and declared, You ll sell every one you can make. The rst candy-colored Hot Wheels, representing most of America s most popular cars, or custom versions thereof, hit the market around Christmas 1968, along with race tracks and other neverbefore-seen accessories, in order to destroy the Matchbox brand. As with Barbie, it was the Gillette razor theory in action: Give away the car, and sell the other stuff to make it more fun and generate bigger pro ts. It was celebration time at Mattel. Hot Wheels was a smash. Through 1968 and 1969, sales were in the stratosphere. But then the money machine ground to a halt and Mattel ran into a series of problems that brought about its rst loss and opened a window into company corruption.
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Aim to be trustworthy and trusted. To earn buyers trust, cultivate the attributes that establish The Foundations of Buyers Trust. THE FOUNDATIONS OF BUYERS TRUST Expertise: Is the seller a true expert Is the person competent and qualified Does the seller have complete knowledge of the product or service offering Credibility: Is the person honest and dependable Can we rely on the salesperson s promises Compatibility: Is the seller approachable, likable, reputable, and respectable Does the person share the same values, and think and act as we would Congruence of interests: Do the seller s interests intentionally include our interests Can we count on the person to act in our best interests
Cause/Characteristics This is a severe disease that can last for many months. Source of Contamination Foods Usually Involved Prevention contaminated water or ice, shell sh from polluted waters, raw fruits and vegetables, milk and milk products, infected food workers human intestinal tract, contaminated water shell sh eaten raw, any food contaminated by an infected person Practice good health and hygiene. Use only certi ed shell sh from safe waters. Hepatitis A
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