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If your local carrier offers SMDS at an attractive price, you may want to consider it for specific applications. In general, however, if you need high speed in the WAN, consider a more widely used technology.
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encompassing system. In some cases, one control system requirement can be in con ict with another. For example, with regard to hydraulic actuation systems, stability and stiffness requirements often compete with each other. Stiffness, and its dynamic counterpart impedance, is one of the most challenging requirements to comply with. This is because nature always errs on the soft side. Hydraulic oil absorbs air which lowers the effective bulk modulus (volumetric elasticity) to well below the advertised values shown in textbooks and material speci cations. Also, bearings at attachment points have soft centers further lowering the critical frequencies measured by test. Ironically, the stability of actuation systems with high inertia loading can be eased by softening the system so that it de ects more as a result of external loading. This can be achieved using some sort of pressure feedback. This type of compensation is a convenient way to provide pseudo acceleration feedback; however, in its simplest form, pressure (or force) feedback can result in a loss of control effectiveness when operating against high aerodynamic forces. From this brief overview and example related to control system speci cations, it can be appreciated that control system compensation can become dif cult to optimize since an ideal solution to all of the functional requirements may not be possible and therefore some compromise may be necessary.
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Access control in medical record systems is hard enough in hospitals and other organizations that care for patients directly. It is much harder to assure patient privacy in secondary applications such as databases for research, cost control, and clinical audit. This is one respect in which doctors have a harder time protecting their data than lawyers; lawyers can lock up their confidential client files and never let any outsider see them at all, while doctors are under all sorts of pressures to share data with third parties.
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You can apply the UVW Map modifier to different map channels. Applying this modifier places a map gizmo on the object. You can move, scale, or rotate this gizmo. To transform a UVW Map gizmo, you must select it from the subobject list. Gizmos that are scaled smaller than the object can be tiled. Many different types of mappings exist, and the parameter rollout for this modifier lets you select which one to use. The Length, Width, and Height values are the dimensions for the UVW Map gizmo. You can also set tiling values in all directions. The Alignment section offers eight buttons for controlling the alignment of the gizmo. The Fit button fits the gizmo to the edges of the object. The Center button aligns the gizmo center with the object s center. The Bitmap Fit button opens a File dialog box where you can align the gizmo to the resolution of the selected bitmaps. The Normal Align button lets you drag on the surface of the object, and when you release the mouse button, the gizmo origin is aligned with the normal. The View Align button aligns the gizmo to match the current viewport. The Region Fit button lets you drag a region in the viewport and match the gizmo to this region. The Reset button moves the gizmo to its original location. The Acquire button aligns the gizmo with the same coordinates as another object. Figure 26-1 displays a brick map applied to an umbrella using spherical mapping.
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Data protection is a term used in Europe to mean the protection of personal information from inappropriate use. Personal information generally means any data kept on an identifiable human being, or data subject, such as bank account details and credit card purchasing patterns. It corresponds roughly to the U.S. term computer privacy. The difference in terminology is accompanied by a major difference in law and in attitudes. In fact, this may become one of the thorniest problems in e-policy in the first decade of the twenty-first century, as well as a serious complication for people setting up ebusinesses. European law gives data subjects the right to inspect personal data held on them, have them changed if inaccurate, understand how they re processed, and in many cases prevent them being passed on to other organizations without their consent. This means, for example, that people who have been refused credit can see not just their files but also the credit-scoring algorithms used to make the decision; and if a U.S. bank doesn t 475
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Presenting Data with Access Reports
This may seem to be an enormous number of steps because the procedures were designed to show you how laying out a report design can be a slow process. Remember, however, that when you click away with the mouse, you don t realize how many steps you re doing as you visually design the report layout. With a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) layout tool like the Access Report Designer, you might need to perform many tasks, but it s still easier and faster than programming. Figure 9.32 shows the final version of the design layout as seen in this chapter. In the next chapter, you continue to improve this report layout.
The remaining transition summarized as follows:
Balance sheet controls are designed to minimize nancing requirements, although there are incidental consequences for pro tability. Any action that results in lower costs or higher revenues will affect pro t as well as cash. We are principally interested in cash in this section, but will note in passing the impact of controls on pro t.
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