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For any device that isn t hot-pluggable, there are some steps you need to take before you even get started. I recommend that as Step 1, you create a restore point as described in 55. That way, if the hardware device really creates any problems, you can always uninstall it, remove it, and even get your all your system files back to the way they were before you installed the hardware. The second thing is to read the instructions that came with the device. There is not one-rulefits-all fact that applies to all of the thousands of hardware devices you can add to a PC. You should install the device exactly as told to in the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the device. Winging it is likely to lead to many hours of hair-pulling frustration. Third, shut down the computer, turn off the power, and unplug the power cord. Unplugging the power cord is especially important when you plan to open the system case, as you don t want any electricity to even be available to the system when you re in the guts of the machine. Ideally, you should wear an antistatic wrist strap so that you don t generate any static electricity sparks. One little spark like that could turn the motherboard to trash, and void the warranty to boot.
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Getting to Know Your System
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Ingredients Dashi (p. 195) Salt Japanese soy sauce Garnish: Lemon zest Snow peas Medium shrimp
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Don t forget to create a contact for yourself. You can e-mail that to folks so they don t have to type your contact information themselves. After you create a contact for yourself, right-click its icon and choose Set as My Contact. If you want to e-mail your contact information to others who aren t using Windows Vista, attach a .vcf file to an e-mail message. To do that, right-click your Contact icon and choose Send Contact. A new message window opens with the card already attached. Fill in the To and Subject lines. Fill in the body of the message informing the recipient that your contact information is attached. To make your contact information into a Windows Mail business card, open Windows Mail. Choose Tools Options from Mail s menu bar and click the Compose tab. Under Business Card, select the Mail checkbox. Then choose your contact name from the drop-down list to the right of the checkbox. Your business card will automatically be included with every e-mail message you send. If you want to exclude your card from a message, you need to remember to choose Insert My Business Card from the menu in the message before you send. Doing so clears the checkmark from My Business Card on the menu and removes the business card. See Compose Options in 18 for more information.
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95. Finch (1990, see p. 49 and the following pages on adult insects who don t eat). Finch (1998) classifies different types of senescence as rapid, gradual, or negligible. 96. Byrne (2000, p. 243). 97. Kirkwood and Rose (2000). 98. Finch and Rose (1995, see note 12 for salmon). More details can be found in Finch (1990). 99. Finch (1990, pgs. 95 97). 100. Interesting experimental evidence for the disposable body theory comes from experiments on fruit flies. They can be bred for longer lives. The potential is there for them to mutate into flies that senesce more slowly. But in these new flies the reproductive rate goes down. Indeed, when put into competition with flies of the wild, the longer-lived mutants are out-competed. 101. The species is Phyllostachys bambusoides. Janzen (1976) says the synchronized seeding produces a bonanza of tasty seeds, more than seed predators can consume, thus ensuring survival of the seeds. With such long intervals between blessed events, no population of seed predators can gear up for complete consumption, which they could do were the seed production of the bamboo population not so intermittent.
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typically, for any hardware platform, a whole family of compilers needs to be developed say, from M source languages C, C++, Pascal, FORTRAN, and so on. Due to the separation of compilers to front-ends and back-ends, we can develop M front-ends to use the same common IR, and only one back-end, common for the whole family of compilers, that takes the IR and generates a native code for the target platform. If we have N target platforms and need to develop the compilers from all M source languages for all of them, using this approach, we should develop M front-ends and N back-ends only, that is, M + N major compiler components, instead of M * N components in case we use a straightforward approach and develop each of the front-ends and back-ends from scratch, without any kind of code reusability among them. A good example of such family of compilers developed according to such principles is Sun Studio [14], compilers from three languages C, C++, and FORTRAN, working on two target platforms, Solaris (on SPARC and 86/ 64 machines) and Linux (on 86/ 64 machines). To our knowledge, the best example of a toolkit for developing optimizing compiler backends for an extendable set of target platforms is Microsoft Phoenix [3] covered in 10. One-pass versus multi-pass compilers. To make the work of developing a compiler more modular, and to parallelize it between several developers, it is quite common to implement the compiler as multi-pass. With this scheme, each phase of the compiler (except for lexical analysis) is implemented as a separate pass, that is, as a module that analyzes the whole source program (represented by the source code or any kind of intermediate code) and converts it to some output IR suitable for the next pass. As we ll see later on, for most source languages, it is not possible to make the compiler one-pass because of the speci cs of the language, typically because of using identi ers or labels de ned later in the source code. A legend on an old PL/1 compiler says that the number of its passes was equal to the number of employees in the appropriate department of the compiler developer company. As an alternative to multi-pass approach, for some simpler languages (e.g., for Pascal), compilers are developed as one-pass, for the purpose to make the compiler faster. For one-pass compilers, to resolve the situations like forward references mentioned above, the technique of applied occurrences lists can be used (more details in 5). With the onepass compiling scheme, the compiler source code combines fragments of different phases in a procedure or method that compiles some source language construct (e.g., if statement) lexical analysis, parsing, semantic analysis, and code generation for the construct are intermixed in one compiler module. Typical compiling technique used in one-pass compilation is recursive descent (see 4). It should be noted, however, that such compiler architecture may be dangerous, since it can lead to design aws of temporal cohesion, speaking in terms by Myers [15]: If in
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Risk-Adjusted Returns
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Personalizing Windows Vista
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Multiuser applications require a network of some kind. Generally, the type of network you use doesn t matter. Multiuser issues are the same regardless of the underlying networking technology. The speed of your network, the location of your application s files, and the type of data source that you re accessing are all important considerations when planning your network installation. Although I ve listed these as three separate items, they re all related to the fundamental issue of database performance. No matter how well it s written, if your application performs poorly due to network bottlenecks, the application will get the blame, not the network.
The imageMso_Galleries example database includes frmSelectRibbonGallery (shown in Figure 29.23) to dynamically load any of the six Gallery ribbons in the database. Select a Gallery using the buttons on this form, and the Gallery tab appears to the right of the default Access ribbon tabs.
n addition to the types of DVDs described so far, there s DVD-RAM (random access memory), mini-DVD (small DVD disks used in some video cameras), and Double-Layer DVD (which doubles the capacity to 9.4 GB). There are also different modes to which you can store video on DVD. For example, a DVD recorder might use VR (Video Record) mode to record video. To use those disks in a computer, you have to close or finalize the disk.
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