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Creating a Space Warp
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If you want to get a program window off the screen temporarily without losing your place, minimize the program window. When you minimize the program window, the program remains open. However, it takes up no space on the screen, and, therefore, can t cover anything else on the screen. When minimized, only the window s taskbar button remains visible. You can minimize a window in several ways: n Click the Minimize button in the program s title bar (see Figure 2.20). n Click the upper-left corner of the window you want to minimize (or right-click anywhere near the center top of the window) and choose Minimize.
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When you save a document, you re saving a copy of that document as it exists in memory at that moment in time. Any changes you make after saving the document are not saved until you save the document again. It only takes a moment to save a document. It also only takes a moment to lose hours of hard work if you don t save your work often. The smart thing to do is this: Every time you re happy with a change you made to the document, save the document. It only takes a moment to press Ctrl+S, click the Save toolbar button, or choose File Save from the menu bar. That s a lot quicker and easier then redoing hours of work you lost simply because you didn t bother to save your work from time to time!
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Anything you type into a Search box is a search criterion. Basically the search criterion is telling Vista show me all items that have these characteristics. The items are things like files, folders, messages, contacts, and Internet Explorer favorites. The search criterion can be as simple as a few characters of text. For example, you can click the Start button, type a person s name, and find whatever files and messages on your computer contain that person s name. Optionally, you can use the boxes you see in the Advanced Search tools to specify your search criterion. You can create complex searches by filling in multiple boxes. Before you fill in any boxes though, be sure to choose an option next to Show only, because that determines the boxes and options available to you. You can use any combination of search boxes to specify your search criteria. In sections that follow, I ll discuss how you can use them to find files.
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The covariance of two random variables X and Y is a way of measuring the dependency between X and Y. It is defined by: cov[X, Y] = E [(X - E[X])(Y = E[X.Y] - E[Y])] = (X - r )(Y - L) -- E[X]. E[Y] = XY - X-Y. (1.49)
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sults of $282.7 million. As measured in euros, European revenues increased 15% for the full year. The Asia/Pacific division added $94.2 million to consolidated revenues in fiscal 2003. Ms. Wood continued, Over the course of the year, we have been able to properly align our marketing strategies, our product lines, our operations, and our management team to go forward with a singular vision for the future. Clearly, the power of our youth-oriented lifestyle view and the culture of extreme water sports is resonating with consumers everywhere. Inventories in the Americas increased 25% to 86.4 million at October 31, 2003, from $69.0 million at October 31, 2002, while decreasing $2.1 million from July 31, 2003. European inventories increased 38% in euros and increased 63% in U.S. dollars, totaling $43.8 million at October 31, 2003, compared to $26.9 million at October 31, 2002. Inventories in the newly acquired Asia/Pacific division totaled $16.2 million at October 31, 2003. Consolidated inventories increased 53% to $146.4 million at October 31, 2003, from $95.9 million at October 31, 2002, which is an increase of 45% after adjusting for the effect of the stronger euro in comparison to the prior year. Consolidated trade accounts receivable increased 33% to $224.4 million at October 31, 2003, from $168.2 million at October 31, 2002. Accounts receivable grew more slowly than sales as average days sales outstanding decreased about three days. Lily Hamilton, president of Blue & Gold, Inc., commented, As we move forward into the new year, we are benefiting from a continued position as the leading youth brand in the United States, Europe and Australia, and we have excellent prospects for growth in a variety of markets in Eastern Europe. We are focused on leveraging the strength of our brands and our superior operating platform to take advantage of these opportunities. Also today, the company increased its guidance to new ranges of $1.06 billion to $1.08 billion for revenues and $1.18 to $1.22 for earnings per share. Ms. Hamilton concluded, These results represent our 8th consecutive quarter of exceeding both internal and external expectations, and importantly, we have been able to accomplish all of this in a challenging retail climate. At the same time, we have successfully integrated a number of new businesses that will provide additional growth into the future. The benefits of our strong brands and diversified operating model are clear and compelling, and the combination of innovative product, unique marketing, a cohesive management structure, and world-class execution will allow us to expand our business and drive significant value to our shareholders into the future. About Blue & Gold: Blue & Gold designs, produces, and distributes clothing, accessories, and related products for young-minded people and develops brands that represent a casual lifestyle-driven from an extreme water sports heritage. Blue & Gold s authenticity is evident in its innovative products, events, and retail environments across the globe. Blue & Gold s primary focus is apparel for young men and young women under the Blue & Gold label. Blue & Gold also manufactures apparel for boys (Blue &
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People that Are Buzzable
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Basic Vinaigrette
We can t stress the importance enough of educating the institutional sales forces of the firms providing research coverage of Velocity Inc. The basic process of getting an institution to buy a stock often begins with research. Unfortunately, a research report and/or meeting isn t always enough to inspire a portfolio manager to buy a stock. That s where the sales force can help. When an institutional sales force gets to meet management and hear the investment story directly, it tends to have a much greater impact on that firm s ability to close orders. (See Figure A1.1.)
The Select menu includes commands for accessing the Select tool (S); selecting All (Ctrl+A), None (Ctrl+D), and Invert (Ctrl+I); selecting (Ctrl+C) and deselecting children; and commands to synch the selected nodes in the Schematic View with the scene (Select From Scene) and vice versa (Select to Scene).
With the relative newness of this development partnership, many questions have arisen regarding how to use the two products together, what benefits can be received, and why should one tool be utilized instead of another. This section addresses these types of questions. The key questions presented in Exhibit 10.15 highlight the abilities and benefits of using these two products in tandem.
Yield: 6 qt (6 L) Portions: 24 Portion size: 8 oz (250 mL)
Defining styles is the complicated part. Applying them after you define them is easy. You simply select the text that you want to affect and choose the predefined style that you want to apply. To apply a style, follow these steps: Highlight the text to which you want to apply a style. Select the style that you want to apply from the list that appears in the white area of the CSS Styles panel, as shown in Figure 40.6. The style is automatically applied to the selection.
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