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PRS (preemptive resume):
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Figure 33-26: Combining sine and square waves with the Add, Multiply, Clamp Above, and Clamp Below Effect options.
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5: Cryptography
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The Apocalypse of Peter
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ou ll recall that in 5, Knowing When to Take a Break, I stress the importance of staying involved, even though you ve brie y stopped trading. My writing of this book is an actual example of how I remained in the loop, during a hiatus of my own. But why did you take a break you might ask me. Why did you stop and turn writer, when you were making so much money I would respond with the reminder that day trading is a process that requires both rest and re ection. In that process, you can t skip steps. You can t be trading in hundred-share blocks, and on the next day start trading in thousands. You need some downtime in between that share increase, in order to study and learn, or you ll never become a professional, consistently pro ting trader. Even a pro needs some time off. It may be just to rest. It may be to play, to kick back, have fun . . . or even to brainstorm a book . . . but always with an ear on the market, every day, from the opening bell to the closing. And the day trading process has setbacks, even for an expert. As usual I can best illustrate this by conveying my personal experiences. Each time I advanced to a higher trading level, at rst things always got rough. One such progression was my arrival at the conviction that I needed a pay-per-share broker. You ll recall that I d been very actively trading with a traditional pay-per-trade broker, enduring prohibitive commissions. I cautiously traded in hundred-share blocks, looking for quick 10c / to 40c moves, making $10 to $40 per trade. That was ne, because I was / placing over 100 trades per day, but I was getting hit with a whopping $10 commission per execution! 171
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Per 1 ounce: Calories, 180; Protein, 2 g; Fat, 19 g (96% cal.); Cholesterol, 50 mg; Carbohydrates, 0 g; Fiber, 0 g; Sodium, 70 mg.
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Linking to dummies
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Broiling, Grilling, and Pan-Broiling
6 The Multiple-Choice Component
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