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The View tab in the Folder Options dialog box, shown in Figure 12-4, offers a long list of advanced settings. All the checkboxes under Advanced Settings apply to Windows Explorer, the program, and hence to all folders. Here, we ll look at what each option offers.
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The Legal Drinking Age
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The boomerang is when someone retires to a location, decides it was a mistake, and moves back to the original location or somewhere else. It occurs when the original decision was made in haste or without considering all the factors. Here is how to avoid the boomerang:
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Function TestLink(sTablename As String) As Boolean Dim db As DAO.Database Dim rs As DAO.Recordset Dim iStartODBC As Integer Dim iEndODBC As Integer Dim sDataSrc As String Dim iODBCLen As Integer Dim sMessage As String Dim iReturn As Integer On Error GoTo HandleError Set db = CurrentDb Open a recordset to force an error: Set rs = db.OpenRecordset(sTablename) If the link is valid, exit the function: TestLink = True ExitHere: If Not rs Is Nothing Then rs.Close Set rs = Nothing End If Exit Function HandleError: If the link is bad, determine what the problem is, let the user know, and exit the function: Select Case Err Case 3078 Table doesn t exist: sMessage = Table & sTablename _ & does not exist in this database Case 3151 Bad link Extract the name of the ODBC DSN to use in your custom error message: iStartODBC = InStr(Error, to ) + 4 iEndODBC = InStr(Error, failed ) iODBCLen = iEndODBC - iStartODBC sDataSrc = Mid$(Error, iStartODBC, iODBCLen) sMessage = Table & sTablename _ & is linked to ODBC datasource _ & sDataSrc _ & , which is not available at this time. Case Else sMessage = Err.Description End Select iReturn = MsgBox(sMessage, vbOKOnly) Return failure: TestLink = False Resume ExitHere End Function
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Multiplex or Moo
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Apocalyptic Movements in the Modern Era 141
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TABLE 27.1
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Yield: 1 pt (500 mL)
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The Care of Wounds
I ve known Joel for decades. He is really smart, really modest, really well intentioned and here is the unusual part really successful. (I mean: really successful.) More to the point, his success has come from shrewd investing (not from selling books). He is also funny. I read the first couple of chapters of this book to my 11-year-old nephew, Timmy, and we both enjoyed it. Timmy, with no investable funds that I know of, then fell asleep as I raced to the end, mentally rejiggering my retirement plan. Let me tell you this much: In the beginning, there were mutual funds, and that was good. But their sales fees and expenses were way too high. Then came no-load funds, which were better. They eliminated the sales fee, but were still burdened with management fees and with the tax and transactional burden that comes from active management. Then came index funds, which cut fees, taxes, and transaction costs to the bone. Very, very good. What Joel would have you consider, in effect, is an index-fund-plus, where the plus comes from including in your basket of stocks only good businesses selling at low valuations. And he has an easy way for you to find them. Not everyone can beat the averages, of course by definition. But my guess is that patient people who follow Joel s advice will beat them over time. And that if millions of people should adopt this strategy (Vanguard: please
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(b) Whip in the raw butter just until the butter is melted and forms a smooth sauce.
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