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FIGURE 17.9 Right-click a tab.
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Alternative Graphical Methods for Response Analysis
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TIP Technically speaking, you can make the Detail page behaviors and the Master page behaviors exist on the same document. I ve found that this is not common practice, perhaps because of flexibility and manageability. If you want to experiment with this method, ignore the first few instructions in Step 1 and select the same document with the Browse button instead of choosing your Detail page.
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Choose the default Access file format on the General tab of the Access Options dialog box.
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Investing in Young World Opportunity
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The first page of the Video Capture Wizard is titled Video Capture Device and might look something like Figure 42-3, when it first opens. This page is asking where the video and audio feed that you plan to capture will be coming from.
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Or should he or she wait for the maximum payout at age 70 Those who need the income and who have stopped working have no decision to make. They begin receiving benefits as soon as allowed because they need the income. Many people, however, have a choice. These people need a logical way to make the decision. The first step should be to calculate the break-even point. When benefits are taken before Full Retirement Age, a reduced payment is received. That s the disadvantage. The advantage of taking benefits early is that the cash flow begins earlier. The break-even point is the year it takes for the total benefits received after waiting for full retirement to equal the total benefits that would be received if benefits were begun early. Here s an example of how to calculate the break-even point. Suppose Max Profits is trying to decide between full benefits at age 65 or a higher benefit at 70. His normal benefit at 65 would be $1,400 per month, and waiting until age 70 would result in $1,820 monthly or 130 percent of the normal benefit. That extra benefit is $420 per month. By be-
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Mirror Set Multiple Keys Set Parents Mode
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Ham for breakfast service is almost always precooked.Slices in 3- to 4-ounce (90- to 115g) portions need only be heated and browned slightly on a griddle or under the broiler. Canadian bacon is boneless pork loin that is cured and smoked like ham. It is handled like ham in the kitchen.
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New Know Reality #1: You Will Be Expected to Do Something with Information
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