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20: Copyright and Privacy Protection
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3.2.3 The environment of care
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Queueing and variable serialization delay from own traffic Jitter present Queueing and variable serialization delay from mixed traffic Jitter present
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Tutorial: Sculpting a flower petal
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Ingredients Mirin (sweet Japanese rice wine) Soy sauce Lemon juice Rice vinegar Katsuobushi (shaved dried bonito akes) Kombu (Japanese kelp)
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25 Adding Material Details with Maps
The aim of business communication is to say the right thing to the right people at the right time in the right place at the right cost.
Note The home page for IEEE is at
2. Select one of the curves, and open the Modify panel. In the General rollout, click the Attach Multiple button to open the Attach Multiple dialog box, click the All button to select all the curves, and then click the Attach button to attach all the curves to the first curve you selected. 3. You are now ready to U Loft the spoon s surface. In the General rollout, click the NURBS Creation Toolbox icon to open the NURBS Toolbox window. In the Surfaces section, select the Create U Loft Surface icon. The cursor changes to a pointer accompanied by the U Loft Surface icon. (Notice that when you place the cursor over a cross section, it changes to a cross and the curve turns blue.)
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