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Tomato and tomato-based sauces such as Creole (not for salmon or for very delicate sh like ounder) Mustard (for strong- avored sh only, such as mackerel or blue sh) Curry (not for salmon or other fat sh)
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in rabbinic law and lore. Also, while Pseudo-Methodius s king turns over the crown in silence, the king of the Signs offers an apology for his ancestors behavior that no Christian would have written: Master of the Universe, I have now returned to you what my fathers took. The Signs adaptation of the scene is a striking indication of the ongoing impact on Jews of Christian culture in general and Christian eschatological thought in particular. The passage from the Signs demonstrates Jewish interest in a scene from a Christian apocalypse written in response to the Muslim conquest. A more direct Jewish response to the conquest can be found in another work attributed to the same rabbinic hero, the Secrets of Rabbi Simeon bar Yohai. The Secrets begins with the angel Metatron revealing the interpretation of several biblical passages that indicate that God intends the Muslim conquest to liberate Jews from the yoke of Christendom. This positive evaluation of the conquest appears to come from the middle of the seventh century, shortly after the event, when Muslim rule could still be seen as a mere prelude to the dawning of the messianic era. The Secrets goes on to prophesy a series of kings, recognizable despite the veiled terms of the description as Muslim rulers to the middle of the eighth century, presumably the date of the final form of the work. Their rule will be followed by a brief period of Christian domination, and then the messianic age will dawn. The eschatological scenario is indebted to Sefer Zerubbabel for a number of elements, including the figure of Armilos and an Ephraimite messiah. A century after the Muslim conquest, this portion of the Secrets views Muslim rule much less enthusiastically. While it calls the second Muslim king a friend of Israel, it describes the kings who follow in neutral or negative terms. At the end of the eleventh century someone composed another work attributed to Rabbi Simeon, the Prayer of Rabbi Simeon bar Yohai. The Prayer adapts portions of the Secrets and combines them with traditions from rabbinic literature and details of Sefer Zerubbabel beyond those that appear in the Secrets. The Prayer retains the Secrets positive evaluation of the second king and continues to treat Christendom as the final enemy, but Muslims are no longer seen as liberators of Israel, and most of the Muslim kings are depicted as harsh rulers. The change in attitude can be
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Note The Hotkey Map window is a Flash-enabled application and requires that the Flash plug-in is installed.
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SAP R/3 Integrated Activity-Based Costing
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Dr.Int.[400478] $12,000 $4,000
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Uploading Structure (Master Data) to R/3 CO CO-CCA Upload Cost Centers and Cost Center Hierarchy as an Alternative Group Upload Cost Centers and Hierachy as part of the Standard Hierarchy Upload Cost Centers and Hierarchy from the Activity Module Upload Cost Center/Activity Types from the Resource Module Upload Cost Center/Activity Types from the Activity Module CO-ABC Upload Business Processes Upload Structured Business Process Templates using Bills of Costs CO-PA Upload Characteristic Hierarchy and Characteristics Values CO-OPA Upload Internal Orders General Upload Secondary Cost Elements (category types 42 and 43 only)
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Having made these points, I will restrict discussion in the rest of this section to technical matters.
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