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Integrated Activity-Based Costing with Responsibility Accounting
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Adapted from the work of Anthony Linnane, Ph.D., and Life Extension Magazine, February, 2001.
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Nature of Process Costs
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Figure 52-8: Formatting page of the New Partition Wizard
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19. The fund will publish an annual report, cosigned by the Committee chairman and CEO [if there is one], that will include: Investment results, Year-end asset allocation, Contributions and payouts during the year, Key actions during the year, A summary of the actuarial reports (if for a pension fund), A summary of the audit report, Names of Committee members and key staff members [or consultants], Total compensation paid to or accrued by directors and executive of cers, An appendix that includes statements of the Committee s Operating Policy and Investment Policy. If the Committee employs a CEO and investment staff, rather than relying mainly on a consultant, several more operating policies might be added: 20. Either: The Committee is to approve the selection of all Investment Managers and investment funds; or if the Committee has authorized staff to appoint any Investment Manager or investment fund that is to manage less than [X%] of the fund s assets, any decision involving more than [X%] is to be approved by the Committee. In any case, the Committee must approve the use of any asset class that is being used for the rst time. 21. The Committee is to approve any assets to be managed internally by the CEO and staff. 22. The CEO will have authority to make all decisions that are not reserved for the Committee. 23. Each year, the Committee shall approve an operating budget, submitted by the CEO, covering all fund expenses except fees and expenses of Investment Managers. Fees and expenses of Investment Managers shall not be a part of the budget but shall be summarized in the CEO s annual report to the Committee. 24. The Committee will hire a lawyer, with whom the CEO is to review all legal documents and consult on all legal issues.
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Tutorial: Creating a four-footed biped
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fern, harvested just as it emerges from the ground. It consists of a tightly curled stem lined with the tiniest beginnings of leaves. It is usually handled and cooked like tender asparagus. Evaluation: Look for jade-green, firm and resilient, not wilted, fiddleheads with fresh-looking, not spoiled, cut ends and leaf tips. Preparation: Trim the cut ends. Rinse well. Percentage Yield: 85%
Per serving: Calories, 270; Protein, 5 g; Fat, 10 g (32% cal.); Cholesterol, 30 mg; Carbohydrates, 42 g; Fiber, 4 g; Sodium, 140 mg.
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