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Is there an African Infosys or Microsoft on the horizon somewhere I asked Erik Hersman, an expert on the African IT scene and co-founder of Ushahidi, toward the conclusion of our interview. Well, you know, the closest to that may well be theSOFTtribe in Ghana, started by Herman Chinery-Hesse, said Hersman without much of a pause. They make business software specific for the African market. He s probably been the most successful with it, and it s been really interesting to watch him over the past 10 15 years. If anything, Hersman may have been conservative in his judgment. Inc. Magazine ran a profile of Chinery-Hesse in its October 2008 issue under the headline Meet the Bill Gates of Africa. 19 The comparison is apt, not only because the two men share a passion for creating software, but also because their vision transcends business and foresees massive transformations in the lives of billions. At a time when Africa s economic and political misfortunes dominated perceptions of the continent, Chinery-Hesse saw a bright future in the unique opportunities posed by knowledge-economy entrepreneurship. Technology is the only way for Africa to get rich, he was quoted in an interview with the BBC. We don t have proper infrastructure and we can t compete in manufacturing. But if you put me behind a PC and tell me to write software for a Chinese customer, then I can compete brain for brain with anyone trying to do the same thing in the U.S. 20
15: Using Access Data Macros
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