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Consider for a moment a business organization in its formative years (it could be yours). The early years are usually characterized by a sharp focus on the needs of a small number of customers, a lack of formal structures, processes and systems, and extreme informality of management style. Satisfying these customers with the highest possible level of service is usually of paramount importance. Sales are generated by the founders forging close relationships with a few key customers. The founders understand the fragility of competitiveness and are prepared to bend over backwards to provide high and rising levels of service. For them, nothing is too much trouble; they see the creative possibilities in any commercial situation; and it is their vision and drive that turn the germ of an idea into pulsating business reality. Customer retention is usually particularly high in the early stages of growth, even when standards slip a little and prices veer out of line with those of competitors. The psychological and emotional resilience of the relationship between the founder and the customer is one factor; it is quite another that the customer s access to the chief decision maker (the founder) makes it easier to secure a prompt response when things go awry. The customer s unrestricted access to this vital resource is a major criterion of success in the early years, though few founders explicitly recognize this as a key strength or plan for its perpetuation. Not being able to clone the rare customer-satisfying qualities of the founder as the business grows is a potential barrier to rapid growth, because it requires a high level of customer retention and continuing development of key accounts. Another major advantage in the early years is rapid transmission of vital information, the outcome of short lines of communication. This is usually the result of a) the absence of a reporting hierarchy; b) the physical proximity of most staff to each other and to the boss; and c) a culture of consideration, of sharing things and a willingness to muck in . Understanding the role of information and how it oils the inner workings of the organization is necessary to ensure that the smooth ow of information is actively nurtured in business development plans. The founders are invariably the repository of all important information they are closest to markets, customers, bank managers, suppliers and employees and to ensure that ever-increasing quantities of information ow smoothly to key decision makers other than to the founders (a requirement of effective delegation), the fact that it might not has to be recognized and a solution found and implemented. In the early years, systems and processes do not have to be formal. With the founder in control and at the centre of the organizational spider s web (explained in 4), and with all staff within easy proximity and on rst-name terms, informality is an advantage. Formality makes life more dif cult because it imposes costs and disrupts people s normal relationships and working habits. Where do the founders go from here There are distinct advantages in remaining a small, lifestyle business, that is with a total complement of, say, 10 to 12 staff. Research has established that a small group nds it easier to function as an ef cient, coherent unit and that eight people constitute the natural span of control for a single boss. However, a small, lifestyle business will not be a satisfactory achievement for those entrepreneurs who relish the challenge of managing growth. Success in the formative years can establish a solid platform for development and, combined with further market opportunities and the drive and management skills of the founders, can soon lead to a complete transformation of the business
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IR with a capital markets background guards against many of these missteps. Companies that engage in more strategic IR know how to communicate better with the buy-side and the sell-side and materially improve chances of coverage and institutional ownership. Done right, this method and knowledge can lead to more optimal media coverage, better company morale, and many other benefits that all increase the value of the company.
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SITE FU NCTION Creating sites Defining services User accounts Customer workstations Customer local servers (e.g., printer) Customer main servers Customer LAN devices (cabling, hubs, switches) Customer WAN router ISP router at customer site Provider Point of Presence (POP) Interprovider connectivity
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6. Rejuvenate and Revitalize With Deep Sleep
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1 The Effectiveness of Treatment
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Three-Step Exact Daily Calorie and Macronutrient Requirement
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Table 9-1: Optional Shortcut Keys for Features Described Later in this
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