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Granulated sugar
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P21 = 0.3; p31 = 0.6;
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Limit order: An order to buy a stock at or below a speci ed price or to sell a stock at or above a speci ed price. For instance, you could tell a broker, Buy me 100 shares of XYZ Corporation at $8 or less or Sell 100 shares of XYZ at $10 or better. Market maker: A dealer willing to accept the risk of holding a particular security in his or her own account to facilitate trading in that security. On the over-the-counter markets, there are individuals and companies that maintain bids and offers for stocks. They must be prepared to buy or sell stocks from investors at any time. Market order: An order to buy or sell securities at the price given at the time the order reaches the market. This can be different from the price on the broker s screen, depending on how fast the market is moving. A market order is to be executed immediately at the best available price, and is the only order that guarantees execution. Options Clearing Corporation (OCC): Established in 1973, the organization processes and guarantees the standardized options contracts that trade on the U.S. options exchanges. It is the world s largest equity derivatives clearing organization. Options Industry Council (OIC): A nonpro t association created to inform and educate investors about the bene ts of listed options contracts. Formed in 1992, the OIC is sponsored by the major options exchanges and the Options Clearing Corporation (OCC). Specialist: A stock exchange member who stands ready to quote and trade certain securities either for his or her own account or for customer accounts. The specialist s role is to maintain a fair and orderly market in the stocks for which he or she is responsible. A trader on the market oor is assigned to ll bids/orders in a speci c stock out of his or her own account when the order has no competing bid/order to ensure a fair and orderly market.
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6.4.3 The Incremental Process
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Eggs, beaten Milk 2 lb Corn syrup Melted butter or shortening Yield:
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Figure 5-23: Enabling gamma correction makes colors consistent regardless of the monitor.
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Spread is desirable in some cookies,while others must hold their shape.Several factors contribute to spread or lack of spread. 1. Sugar. High sugar content increases spread. Coarse granulated sugar increases spread, whereas ne sugar or confectioners sugar reduces spread. Leavening. High baking soda or baking ammonia content encourages spread. So does long creaming, which incorporates air.
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Troubleshooting common hardware and device driver issues Connecting to your Bluetooth device Troubleshooting startup issues using System Recovery Options Troubleshooting slow or unresponsive system performance
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Auto Indent causes code to be indented to the current depth in all successive lines of code. For example, if you inserted four spaces (or tabs) in front of the current line of code, each line of code following the current line will be automatically indented four spaces.
In place of the tortilla bowls, line the bottom of salad bowls with lightly crushed tortilla chips. In place of the dressing mixture, serve the salads with separate bowls of sour cream and salsa on the side.
Changing the title bar text with the Caption property
this guidance, there is considerable variation in the advice given to patients concerning how the skin within the treatment eld should be managed whilst radiotherapy is in progress (Faithfull et al., 2002). Wells and colleagues reviewed the ndings of their study of 357 patients undergoing radiotherapy and concluded that levels of skin discomfort were lower than they had expected (Wells et al., 2004). They concluded that consistent advice, skin hygiene and regular assessment were major factors in reducing problems. It is interesting to postulate that a reason for previous reports of severe skin problems may have been the advice given some years ago that patients should not wash the treatment area. Happily, that advice is now seen as outdated.
Editable Poly objects include an extra rollout called Subdivision Surface that automatically smoothes the object when enabled. The Subdivision Surface rollout, shown in Figure 15-27, applies a smoothing algorithm known as NURMS, which stands for Non-Uniform Rational Mesh Smooth. It produces similar results to the MSmooth button, but offers control over how aggressive the smoothing is applied; the settings can be different for the viewports and the renderer.
the drug is combined with the 2,4-pentanedione enamine of eyeloserine. The combination i s synergistic h i b i t s the same enzyme, but by a d i f f e r e n t mechanism.
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