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Plan/Act/Var P/L Reports
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In [BGJ92], a technique is presented that allows every open queueing network to be replaced by a suitably constructed closed network. The principle of the closing method is quite simple: The external world of the open network is replaced by a -/G/l node with the following characteristics: 1. The service rate pL, of the new node is equal to the arrival rate X0 of the open network. 2. The coefficient of variation cg, of service time at the new node is equal to the coefficient of variation of the interarrival time of the open network. 3. If the routing behavior of the open network is specified by visit ratios, then the visit ratio coo of the new node is equal to 1. Otherwise the routing probabilities are assigned so that the external world is directly replaced by the new node. The idea behind this technique is shown in Figs. 10.17 and 10.18.
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Needlepoint and Other Therapeutic Pleasures
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Per 1 ounce: Calories, 60; Protein, 2 g; Fat, 1.5 g (19% cal.); Cholesterol, 0 mg; Carbohydrates, 12 g; Fiber, 4 g; Sodium, 870 mg.
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Silver and charcoal dressings
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1. 2. 3. 4. Use clean, unwarped pans. Lining the sheets with parchment or silicone paper is fast,and it eliminates the necessity of greasing the pans. A heavily greased pan increases the spread of the cookie. A greased and oured pan decreases spread. Some high-fat cookies can be baked on ungreased pans.
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After selecting Record Macro from the Developer ribbon s Code group, you must give your new macro a name (see Figure 22.9). In addition to a name, you can assign the macro to a button or keyboard combination and select the template (.dotm) file in which to store the macro. After you enter a macro name and click OK, the macro recorder begins recording events. The Record Macro button (on the Developer ribbon tab) changes to Stop Recording while you are recording a macro. The arrow changes to an open pointer attached to a cassette, as shown in Figure 22.10. Stop recording events by clicking the Stop Recording button (the button with a square next to it). To pause recording events, click the Pause Recording button.
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A uniform handling of events and messages is allowed when messages are considered as events as well, and this gives rise to a general concept also called events. Events can be handled by an operation being executed, a blocked operation resuming execution (in case of a return event), or ignored. They need not be consumed in the order in which they appear, and a more sophisticated management (scheduling) can be de ned individually for each object: Event occurrences may be handled immediately, or their handling may be delayed until it is made possible, or they can even be ignored. To capture this rather general notion, a universe of events occurring in systems is introduced. Events are not yet structured further; below, certain types of events, such as method call and return, are introduced as special forms of events. Further specializations are left open. In De nition 4.5.1, the universes UEVENT of events and EventStore of event stores are introduced. An event store buffers events that have occurred and are waiting to be processed. A buffer is a rather general structure to store and handle messages, deal with priorities, and so on. Event occurrences are instances of events that may store information such as the time the instance occurred and possibly other state information. In the system model, hence, event occurrences correspond to system states in which the event has just been added (sent) to or removed (received) from the event store. De nition 4.5.2 introduces the universe UMESSAGE of messages and the function MsgEvent. Messages are a general mechanism to encode any kind of synchronous method call as well as asynchronous message passing. Each message has a unique sender and a unique receiver. That is, a direct description of broadcasting or
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// Overrides the protected Set() method of Base
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Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) beneficiaries (continued) designations, 185 discussion, 181 182 naming, 180 183 Inflation compensation, 79 impact, 38. See also Retirement increase, 3 5 indexing, 139 problems, 58 59 protection, 114 115 rate, 33 younger employees, relationship, 4 Inheritance, 194 focus, 201 impact, 39 planning process, initiation, 196 198 providing, life insurance (purchase), 200 201 Inpatient care, 92 Institutional investors, 70 Insurance. See Life insurance alternatives. See Long-term care insurance annuity, 228 basics, supplementation, 94 98 cost, 213 deductible, increase, 91 programs/policies, comparison, 98 99 self-insurance combination, 111 contrast. See Long-term care insurance Insured retirement income, maximization, 224 226 Insurer financial condition, 115 financial stability, consideration, 220 Interest, imputing, 143 Interest income, 143 Interest rates, 134 change, knowledge, 220 decline. See Market interest rates increase, 60 Interest-free loan, 155 Interest-paying bank account, 214 Interest-paying investments, 6 Intermediate-term bonds, 75 Internal Revenue Service (IRS) asset counting, 198 computation. See Alternative Minimum Tax deductions, easing, 160 distinction. See Traders/investors Form 1040, 156 Form 2210, 156 fraud, charges, 52 Publication 17, 159 Publication 502, 159 Publication 590, 179 Publication 915, 53, 157 rates. announcements, 156 regulations, 182 184 rulings, 51, 118 Schedule AI, 156 taxation. See Annuities Internet access, 244 usage, 90 91 Investment, 57. See also Appreciated property account, mutual funds purchase, 147 advice, 58 60 aggressive approach, 74 business deduction, 157 159 direct gift. See Grandchildren diversification, 63 expected return, 27 exposure, limiting, 73 goals, 158 historic correlations, usage, 65 holdings, 72 impact. See Wealth income, 138. See also Net investment income increase, possibility, 13 losses, 189 management, 129 markets, cycles, 66 67 new possibilities. See Grandchildren patterns, change, 13 philosophy, 74 policy, 177 preferences, 131 pyramid, improvement, 69 74 returns, 39, 58, 212. See also Assumed investment return risk, 64 rules. See Individual Retirement Accounts selection. See Tax-deferred accounts strategies, 57 58 Investors, asset allocation, 190 IRA Analyzer (T. Rowe Price), 170 IRAs. See Individual Retirement Accounts Ireland, private sector retirement financing (cushion), 10 Irregular expenses, 33 34 Irrevocable trusts creation, 127 128 disadvantages, 128 129 distribution clause, 128 usage, 200 Issue age premium, 97 Itemized deduction loss, 193 reduction, 149, 154 Japan early retirement, encouragement, 10 stagnant economies, 10 J-graph. See Hockey stick chart Joint life annuities, 230 231 Keeper of the Meaning, 251 252 Keogh plans, 180 Kiddie Tax, 137
Previous examples in this chapter have included code like this. The main differences are checking EOF and BOF state before executing the MoveLast and MovePrevious methods. Notice that these properties change to True only after these methods have executed. When moving toward the end of the recordset, the EOF value is checked after MoveNext has executed (at the top of the Do Until loop).
The methods given here work the same in small textboxes, not just word processing document. You could, for example, copy a URL (Web site address) from any page and then paste it into the Address bar of your Web browser to get to that page.
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