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The increased accuracy in the ability to capture, control, correct, and assign costs throughout the organization aids analysis for process improvement, reengineering, utilization, benchmarking, and outsourcing. Most important is the quantity structure of the cost objects throughout the organization. When a process or a receiver that consumes a process is outsourced, impacts on capacity for the secondary areas also can be seen. The drill-down reporting capability for detecting anomalies is also used for general analysis to determine resources required to support a process, which receivers consume the process costs, and so forth. This drill-down capability is one form of an audit trail for analysis and credibility. Additionally, transparency of the process costs can be designed into the ABC model, utilizing different cost elements, groups, and the primary cost component split. Due to its real-time nature, the ABC model of the SAP system provides information in a timely manner. Many organizations utilizing ABC systems produce information quarterly. The desire to have ABC information every period is one of the main reasons organizations shift to integrated ABC. Although driver data can be captured in real time, often much of the cost data is not available until the end of the period. If the ABC model is based on quantity relationships, standards are utilized during the period to reflect the corresponding cost charges with the actual quantities. The standard method and its resulting information indicates areas where variances are occurring, allowing management to investigate the situation while it is being experienced instead of noting it one or three months later. Therefore,
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Sales: Sum(tblSalesLineItems.Quantity * tblSalesLineItems. RetailPrice)
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Part VII Working with Characters
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Between 2004 and the big trial in 2008, lawsuits were red back and forth between MGA and Mattel like political campaign barrages between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama in the presidential race of 2008. The competition between the two toy giants and MGA, by the middle of the rst decade of the new millennium, could now fairly be called a giant had become ugly and erce. The rst such lawsuit, led by Mattel against Carter Bryant and 10 other unnamed defendants on April 27, 2004, charged breach of contract, breach of duciary duty, breach of duty of loyalty, and unjust enrichment and conversion. In layman s language, Mattel accused Bryant of taking his designs to MGA while still in Mattel s employ and thus violating his contract. Bryant didn t back down, and led a countersuit. His claim was that Mattel s con dentiality agreement was illegal and covered too much territory. Under it, he asserted, he couldn t even tell his own mother the names of his of ce colleagues.
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violations to reduce the path delay. Any hold violation is xed by adding buffers to the path to increase the path delay. Post-layout synthesis tweaks are used to make these timing xes during resynthesis. This allows logic optimization of those failing paths. When post-layout synthesis is completed,APR, back annotation, and timing analysis are performed again. This will occur in a loop until all the timing violations are xed. When there are no longer timing violations in the layout database, the design is ready for logic veri cation. Note: Post-layout timing analysis is the same as pre-layout timing analysis, except that in post-layout timing analysis, accurate net delay information from physical layout (net delay information for the design is obtained from the extracted layout parasitics) is used. In pre-layout timing analysis, net delay information is estimated.
Divide the desired yield by the recipe yield: new yield = conversion factor old yield Multiply each ingredient quantity by the conversion factor: conversion factor old quantity = new quantity In order to do this in the U.S. system, you usually have to convert all weights to ounces and all volumes to uid ounces. (This is not necessary in the metric system.) Example 1: You have a recipe for 10 portions of Broccoli Mornay requiring 3 lb AP broccoli and 21/2 cups Mornay Sauce. Convert to 15 portions. 15 new yield = = 1.5 old yield 10 Broccoli: 3 lb = 48 oz 48 oz 1.5 = 72 oz = 4 lb 8 oz Sauce: 21 2 cups = 20 . oz 20 . oz 1.5 = 30 . oz = 33 4 cups Example 2: You have a recipe for 10 portions of Broccoli Mornay requiring 1,500 grams AP broccoli and 600 mL Mornay Sauce. Convert to 15 portions. 15 new yield = = 1.5 old yield 10 Broccoli: 1500 g 1.5 = 2250 g Sauce: 600 mL 1.5 = 900 mL
1. Ice cream. Ice cream is a smooth, frozen mixture of milk, cream, sugar, avorings, and, sometimes,eggs. Philadelphia-style ice cream contains no eggs,while French-style ice cream contains egg yolks.The eggs add richness and help make a smoother product because of the emulsifying properties of the yolks. Ice milk is like ice cream, but with a lower butterfat content. Frozen yogurt contains yogurt in addition to the normal ingredients for ice cream or ice milk. Sherbet. Sherbets and ices are made from fruit juices,water,and sugar. American sherbets usually contain milk or cream and,sometimes,egg whites.The egg whites increase smoothness and volume.Ices,also called water ices,contain only fruit juice,water, sugar, and, sometimes, egg whites.They do not contain milk products.The French word sorbet (sor bay) is sometimes used for these products.Granit (grah nee tay) is a coarse, crystalline ice made without egg white. Still-frozen dessert. Ice cream and sherbet are churn-frozen, meaning that they are mixed constantly while being frozen.If they were not churned,they would freeze into solid blocks of ice.The churning keeps the ice crystals small and incorporates air into the ice cream. Frozen souf s and frozen mousses are made like chilled mousses and bavarians that is,whipped cream,beaten egg whites,or both are folded in to give them lightness.This allows them to be still-frozen in an ordinary freezer.
and the team. You ll work with your client to nalize these details, of course, but expect the client s initial opinions to weigh heavily in the balance. Listen to what the client says about these important issues. Are there reasonable expectations about how long the project will take to complete and its expected value Does the client have a realistic grasp on the level of effort required What you should learn from these discussions is whether you can work within the client s constraints. You ll also get a sense of how exible your client will be about revising expectations should circumstances change during the effort. If it turns out that you and the client are not in agreement about how to complete the work, can you collaborate to arrive at an agreeable resolution What s the Level of Executive Support Without solid executive support across the organization, a sale and the eventual delivery of your services are not likely to turn out well. Change tends to cut across organizational boundaries, affecting the jobs of many. Even a new process and system for updating vacation schedules, for example, impacts nearly everyone in a company. Without commitment and cooperation at all levels of the organization, a seemingly simple project can fail miserably. For a big undertaking, the impact increases exponentially. Accept that unanimous support will be elusive. No matter how innocuous the change, you can t please everyone. But key sponsors, plus those who can in uence the outcome, must be with the program. You may have a perfect plan, the best team on the planet, and a business case to die for, but without the right support, you ll end up in the ditch. You can accomplish a lot even in the face of withering resistance. But it takes longer, becomes more dif cult, and has a higher cost of delivery. Be sure you understand who is in your corner before you agree to proceed. Can You Decipher Those Client Clues As the sales process moves along, watch for both verbal and nonverbal clues to the client s view of the proposed initiative. Try to identify any and all red ags. Your conversations should cover all the bases, including the client s opinions about the schedule, how you will deliver value, and what role the client s people will have in the work. Pay attention, and you can learn about the opportunity, your chances of winning it, and how the client sees the project unfolding.
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