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Figure 47-2: This simple scene of transparent spheres was rendered without raytracing (left) and with raytracing (right).
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14: Physical Tamper Resistance
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9: Presenting Data with Access Reports
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FIGURE 29.11
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accountants are much better prepared than they think. Don t work toward perfection. Sooner or later you must take the exam. The longer you postpone a section, the greater the chance is that you will never accomplish your goal. If you have completed a section, the eighteen-month clock is ticking away. You have only eighteen months from the day you sat for the first exam section that you passed to complete all four sections. Remember that you are allowed to sit for a section only once within a testing window. Don t risk the chance that you won t have time to pass all four sections within the eighteen-month time frame. To utilize the learn-by-doing technique, your review materials must contain detailed answer explanations. The right answer must be listed along with an explanation as to why the other answers are incorrect. Always check the materials before you purchase them. The more detailed the answer explanation, the better. I ran out of time to study for both the CPA and the CIA exams. Somehow I managed to pass both exams. I did it because I never gave up. I kept adjusting my study plan to obtain the most knowledge in my weakest areas right up until the first exam day. I kept on studying to learn something new. I kept on reviewing to bring back what I might have forgotten. In the back of my mind, I kept telling myself that I did not know at what knowledge level a person passes the exam. Therefore, I proceeded in confidence, admitting that I wasn t perfect. Yes, I have weak areas. However, I will do the best I can to learn everything I can, and I will perform to the best of my ability on all exam areas. I will do my best because it s all I know how to do. Exhibit 14.1 uses the letters of the alphabet to create the ABCs of Life. I keep these ABCs in mind when I feel depressed or overwhelmed. The letters and phrases serve as reminders that I am living my life by doing the best I can. I don t make excuses for mistakes. I just always keep trying to do my best.
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Use the TempVars object to create and remove temporary variables in VBA. The TempVars object contains three methods: Add, Remove, and RemoveAll. To create a new temporary variable and set its value, use the Add method of the TempVars object as follows:
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Performance Tuning Your System
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