Part I: Access Building Blocks in Java

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roots in the spring.The pointed spear tip sprouts branches when the shoot is left to grow. Related Varieties: White asparagus is the same plant as green,but soil is mounded over the shoots, protecting from the sun so they do not turn green. In Europe, white asparagus is more common than green.The flavor is milder than that of green, although North American white asparagus is usually more bitter than European. Purple asparagus turns dark green when cooked. It is tender and sweet. Evaluation: Look for tightly closed tips; rm,not withered,stalks.For white asparagus,buy only product that has been kept chilled for its entire storage time;unchilled white asparagus becomes brous.
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approximation) are given. As can be seen in the table, for some parameter values the impact of priorities cannot be neglected. Tab/e13.17 Impact of the
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true because a IS greater than b false because both expressions are not true true because at least one IS true false because b is NOT equal to 3
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N OT E You can find this page, named Technique11.htm, on the CD-ROM.
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Figure 13-6: The Save In drop-down list Whenever you save a file, you should think to yourself, Where would I look for this, and what would I look for, six months or a year from now That will give you a sense of how you might go about organizing folders and naming files so that you can easily find things in the future. Remember, it s really not so different from grabbing an empty manila file folder, writing some name on its label, and sticking it in your filing cabinet. It s just that in Windows, you can organize things hierarchically so that you can always drill down from a general topic to a specific file without knowing specific names. You can create a shortcut to any folder so that you can get right to it from the Desktop or My Documents folder without a lot of navigating through folders. See 16 for more information on creating shortcuts.
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Retention rate year 1 Retention rate year 2 Retention rate year 3 Retention rate year 4 Average retention rate ( (A Average expected relationship duration ( 1 / (1 - E)) or (1 / (1 - .71)) Average margin over 4 year period Average costs over 4 year period Net margin (G - H) Expected retention equity per customer (I x F)
Figure 32-1: Internet Explorer icons You can start Internet Explorer using whichever of the following techniques work, and are convenient, for you. Click the Launch Internet Explorer Browser button in the Quick Launch toolbar. Click the Start button, and choose Internet Explorer from the left side of the Start menu. Click the Start button, and choose All Programs Internet Explorer. Double-click (or click) the Internet Explorer icon on your desktop. When Internet Explorer opens, you ll be taken to your default home page. That s just the fancy name for the first Web page you see when you open your Web browser. As we ll discuss later in this chapter, you can choose any page you like as your default home page.
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FIGURE 22.28
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