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Other fruits may be substituted for the melon, such as pineapple sticks or chunks, fresh gs (whole, halved, or quartered), and fresh pear or peach slices. Pears and peaches must be coated with lime or lemon juice to prevent darkening.
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Therefore, we must deliver: Flexibility Cooperation Empathy Opportunity Recognition Reward
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Microsoft Screen Magnifier is an assistive tool for those with visual impairments who require magnification of items on the screen. When activated, a portion of the screen shows the area around the mouse pointer magnified along the top of the screen. For example, in Figure 12.4 the top portion of the screen is a magnified version of the area near the mouse pointer. As you move the cursor around on the main screen, the magnifier follows, showing an enlarged version of whatever you re pointing to with the mouse pointer.
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Box 4.4 Case study: Manufacturing Systems Designers Ltd Manufacturing Systems Designers built computer-controlled machinery for the foodprocessing industry. Prices for its bespoke systems ranged from 180 000 to 500 000. The company s market dominance derived from machinery that produced consistently high-quality food products. Behind this was a policy of working closely with customers by having development engineers on site to solve production problems quickly, thus keeping machine downtime to a minimum. In the 1990s, competition became intense. Orders were lost on price and speed of delivery. In response, the company cut development time on bespoke contracts while introducing a new off-the-shelf product for quick and easy installation on existing machinery. It was thought that this would maintain at least six months lead over competitors. The organization Jim Watson had been a salesman before rising through the ranks to become sales director. He led a management buy-out in the early 1990s and duly became MD. His management style was thought to be autocratic and people responded by keeping a low pro le and leaving most decisions to him. The management team consisted of Sean McMurray (production), Fred Harris (direct sales), Paul Strickland (customer services), Sue Spence (R&D) and June Whit eld (marketing). A nancial controller who had worked with Jim Watson for 15 years ran the accounts and personnel functions. Jim Watson continued to look after sales and marketing, but marketing took a back seat to sales and tended to consist of periodic reactive bursts of activity when sales needed boosting. There was little effective planning and Jim never arranged meetings ( time wasting , he said) to discuss marketing. The marketing team was often diverted to helping with sales. Sean McMurray was an engineer with long service in the industry. As long as his team did their jobs well, he let them get on with it. He often walked around the shop oor offering helpful advice and he always supported his managers when they needed him. He knew most people by their rst names and was respected by all. Productivity was generally high, with low absenteeism. Company procedures were informal ( What s the point of writing them down when they work well anyway remarked Jim). There were no regular meetings to discuss operational matters, although the production team met together at the local pub once a month. New products R&D was critical to the company s continued growth, but mistakes had started to creep into design and development work, with several contracts experiencing overruns and delivery delays. The new off-the-shelf product required lengthy testing, but time was running out as competitors started to launch their own new products. Sales people complained of delays in getting access to the new product and having to disappoint existing customers. Sue Spence had been spending more and more time re- ghting and the cost implications were overlooked because there was no system for recording time and allocating costs on product development work.
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Looking at the types of operators
Part III: More-Advanced Access Techniques
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