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Looking at How Access Works with External Data
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Ingredients Onions, small dice Butter or oil Chicken stock Tomato concass Lima beans, frozen Okra, fresh or frozen, cut in 1 4-in. (1 2-cm) pieces Corn, frozen Cooked chicken meat and giblets, small dice Salt White pepper 1. 2. 3. 4.
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SUNDAY (Protein & Essential Fats)
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Your third choice could be an apple, a pear, some black cherries, a slice of watermelon, some pineapple, a peach, a plum or a few prunes. Results: The colorful flavonoids and carotenoids will actually add some color to your complexion; they also act as an internal suntan lotion, protecting and quenching the reactive free radical singlet-oxygen, when you get a little necessary early-morning or late-afternoon sun on your skin. They are potent network antioxidants that protect you from degenerative and oxidative diseases such as arthritis or cancer. Tip: Purchase fruits a few days before you plan to use them so you always have a steady supply of fresh, ripe fruit handy. Thursday: This is the day to both become more conscious of how deeply we are breathing or not breathing, and to give gratitude. Most of us breathe shallowly and never get all the stale carbon dioxide out of our lungs or a full capacity of empowering oxygen into our lungs. Most of us are simply oxygen deprived! Sit outside or at a semi-open window, carefully looking at and admiring nature. Take ten minutes twice a day to breathe in deeply and breathe out deeply with a rhythmic concentration, neither favoring the inhalation or exhalation, but feeling the chest cavity expand and contract. Results: You will immediately experience clearer thinking, more vibrant energy, better and deeper sleep patterns. Stopping to deepbreathe also naturally calms us down quickly, without the use of drugs. It is a superior lifestyle component. I wish we could all experience this kind of medicine daily. Just stopping to slow down is significant. Tip: Give thanks before eating or sharing food. Food and nourishment combines art, science and spirituality; it merges technology and philosophy. Have great gratitude for the blessing of food and consume your food with a spirit of gratitude, not mindlessness. Friday: We want to consume a wide variety of colors in our salad and vegetable choices. Vary your vegetable and salad choices by color, texture, shape, growing style and season: By color: Choose vegetables of every color: green, red, yellow, orange, white, purple, brown. By flavor: Try bland in lettuce, pungent in garlic, sweet in beets, or sharp in cilantro. By texture: Incorporate tender sunflower sprouts, hearty squashes, irregular roots like sweet potatoes, and various leaves like arugula. By growing style: Consider vegetables that are upward growing (broccoli, dandelions, cauliflower); downward growing (carrots, yams, parsnips,
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