28: Object-Oriented Programming with VBA in Java

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Clicking the Form Design window with a control selected creates a default-size control. If you want to add multiple controls of the same type, double-click on the icon in the Controls group to lock it down, and then draw as many controls as you want on the form. Click the selector control (the arrow) to unlock the control and return to normal operation.
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Suggested Vegetable Seasonings, Flavorings, and Combinations
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Figure 3-6: Max files with thumbnails show up in Windows Explorer. The Recent Files in File Menu option determines the number of recently opened files that appear in the File Open Recent menu. The maximum value is 50.
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Box 10.17 Example of links between strategic and operational plans
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If your interest in going meatless is primarily about weight loss, don't assume that a vegetarian dish is necessarily lower in fat or calories. A veggie sandwich can be loaded with more calories or saturated fat than a Whopper! The cheese alone can add a few hundred calories to any dish. Even without the cheese, dishes often arrive drenched in butter, margarine, or trans fat. Salad dressings are among the main calorie offenders. So are baked goods, which can have more fat and calories than an equal serving of red meat. Meatless meals at restaurants pose a couple of challenges. They have to be filling and tasty enough so you feel you're getting your money's worth, yet low enough in fat and calories to keep your weight where you want it. You have to know what to look for and what to ask for. Fast food for vegetarians Nearly all of the fast-food chains offer at least one vegetarian dish, and some offer more. Yet the choices at these chains are limited. You can certainly get side dishes that fall into the vegetarian category, but main meals Not much there.
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Ready, Willing, and Able
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Part VI
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M2T Road S2T M2S Road S2
When the cost center line item is selected for further detail, it will display which internal order received the statistical posting. Since statistical orders do not actually contain the transactional posting, only the information, they cannot send expenses or revenues to another receiver. In this case, the internal order is used to match expenses and revenues to see if the event was profitable or to provide a lower level of information detail. Job costing is another form of short-term or time-restricted usage of the internal order. The job costing application of the internal order is for services or production-related events for which the more robust stand-alone production modules are not utilized. Warranty contracts, maintenance services for the customers, minor construction for an asset, internally manufactured tools, and production orders within the Controlling module (often used if a production module is not implemented) are several examples of job costing. These types of jobs often require the order functionality of the production-related models without the scheduling and capacity management capabilities. The internal order s structure, status management, and settlement capabilities are utilized for job costing. Every internal order is generated within an order type. Order types are created for the different types of events within an organization, such as for marketing, service requests, and assets. The order type defines the structure and capabilities of the internal orders through the definition of different parameters. These parameters control how the internal order will look, whether revenues can be captured, when data can be deleted, which informational fields are seen and if they are required or optional, number ranges for determining the number of the internal order, how it can be planned/budgeted, and so on. The order type also identifies the status management and allowed allocation receivers. There are two types of internal order status management: (1) system standard delivered and (2) user defined. Status management helps to track what stage the internal order is within its life cycle. The system standard statuses are consistent for every order type and cover statuses such as created, released, technically completed, or closed. The system status identifies the business transactions performed for the order and additionally restricts the transactions allowed during various statuses. For example, the business transaction for planning cannot take place if the order has been closed. Any user-defined statuses work in conjunction with the system statuses. Therefore, each organization can define the stages for the different types of internal orders to support the kind of job costing it performs. Beyond how the internal order looks, how it is processed, and what the defined statuses are, the order type identifies what cost objects may receive costs/revenues of a completed order. Several potential receivers are available to internal orders, such as a fixed asset for in-house construction, G/L accounts for updating work in process or material warranty reserves, any cost center, processes, other orders, and
If someone sends you a file using this method, you ll be given the option to Accept or Decline the transfer. When you choose Accept, the file will be copied to your computer; then, you ll see a message like the one shown in Figure 34-7.
Stage #4:The Purchase Decision
Figure 35-6: Message for downloading newsgroup names
Event Management/View Process/Cross-org. View Internal Orders & Groups Processes & Process Groups Settlements Cost Flows
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