Part IV: Professional Database Development in Java

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Peace and Power
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only anecdotal reports of alterations (increase and decrease) in sexual performance or desire. Data have been systematically collected on patients who have taken naltrexone for up to a year, and no cumulative harm has been detected (Croop et al., 1997).
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FFD (Free Form Deformation) modifier
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Enabling the users to actually use the application
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TABLE 20.3
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More Social Security beneficiaries pay taxes on their benefits each year because the income levels at which the tax takes effect are not indexed for inflation. The IRS reported that over 20 percent of recipients paid income taxes on their benefits in 1999, a record 9.6 million people. Those numbers are estimated to increase steadily every year. That is just one example of how the income tax burden increases and the tax code becomes more complicated after retirement. The 2003 tax law improved things a bit by enacting a number of tax reductions. Income tax rates were cut across the board. The maximum tax rates on dividends and on long-term capital gains were reduced to 15 percent. Yet, for the most part the law did not change the extra taxes that are imposed on most older Americans. In addition to the taxes on Social Security benefits, there are several areas of the tax code that affect older Americans more than other taxpayers or that are specifically directed at post-retirement taxpayers. We ll cover those parts of the tax code in this chapter. The taxes on IRAs and other taxqualified retirement plans are so important that they are covered separately in 11.
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Pictures, Music, and Movies
an uncompromising commentator, so it was natural that the politically and technologically aware segments of Kenya s growing young creative class would turn to her as a source of credible and authentic information. There was a government ban on live media and a wave of selfcensorship within the mainstream media, which created an information vacuum wrote Okolloh later. The government argued that false and biased reporting would result in even more ethnic-based violence, and that it wanted the opportunity to review media reports before they went live. In response to the ban, I asked people to send me information via comments on my blog and e-mails. 13 After becoming overwhelmed and exhausted by the sheer volume of information, Okolloh thought it would be useful to have a dedicated Web site where people could anonymously report incidents of violence online or by mobile phone text messages, and if this information could be mapped so that people could visualize what was going on. 14 Shortly afterwards, she got together with Erik Hersman (whose blog,,15 is a nexus in the burgeoning African ICT-entrepreneurial community), developer David Kobia, and activist Juliana Rotich, to form a company to develop and commercialize a platform that could serve as a hub for crowdsourced information during a crisis. They call their product and their company Ushahidi, which means testimony in Swahili.16 The company is organized as a 501(c)3 non-profit in the United States, but that is a mere formality. Ushahidi is a transnational cooperative in its management structure and its software development model: It depends extensively on the open source community for programming, testing, and new feature development. This organizational model not only fits the crowdsourced, bottom-up philosophy behind the product, but also turned out to be an extremely efficient and innovative way to mobilize global and particularly African IT talent around a compelling, socially useful project. We didn t deliberately have a strategy in place for the open source community, said Okolloh, who spoke to me in August 2009 from her current home in Johannesburg, South Africa. When we did the original version of Ushahidi, there was no funding, no nothing. It was just a group of volunteers that got together, so in that sense, we
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