23: Handling Errors and Exceptions in Java

Encode PDF417 in Java 23: Handling Errors and Exceptions

The Perfect Sales Proposal
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You can become whatever you have the potential to become and are willing to dedicate the time and effort into becoming, and what you have the talent for. That is the truth no more, no less. YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO Wrong. Much like the preceding myth, it will only lead to disappointment. You can do whatever you have the talent to do. And you have more talent to do more things than you have given yourself credit for up until now. YOU CAN HAVE WHATEVER YOU WANT TO HAVE If this were true I would know Salma Hayek much better than I do. The truth is you can have whatever you believe you deserve, and whatever you take action toward achieving, utilizing your abilities, your thoughts, and your words. The real issue with these three myths is the word want. You do not get what you want; you get what you take action on.
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At the intersection of a record and a field is a value the actual data element. For example, Fun Zone, the company name in the first record, represents one data value. Certain rules (discussed in s 2 and 3) govern how data is contained in an Access table. For example, in a properly designed database, the Fun Zone record occurs only once because each row in a table must be unique in some way. A table may contain more than one company named Fun Zone, but something about each company (such as the address) must be different. If rows in a table are not unique, Access has no way to distinguish between the duplicate rows, and the data can t be trusted or managed properly.
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tblCategories is used to lookup a list of product categories. Each category includes
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Figure B.4: The Virtual Baton page explains how to conduct a piece played by the computer.
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Exactly how you do your e-mail has nothing to do with Windows XP. E-mail is a service provided by your ISP (Internet service provider), and how you do your e-mail is up to them. So, I can t tell you anything too specific about dealing with e-mail and multiple user accounts. But I can give you some useful tips. Some ISPs will allow you to set up multiple e-mail accounts, which you then handle by creating multiple identities in your e-mail client (be it Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, or some other program). Personally, I find the whole identities thing to be a big pain one for which an ISP might even charge you extra money. My solution to the multiple e-mail accounts problem is that I m the only person on my network who uses the e-mail provided by my ISP, and the only person who uses Outlook as an e-mail client Everyone else has a free Hotmail account that they use for all their own e-mail. They use their Web browsers for e-mail. This keeps all our e-mail entirely separate and bypasses the identities problem altogether. If users are likely to want to use an Instant Messenger service along with e-mail, your best bet might be to go to www.passport.com and set up a new .NET Passport, each with a unique e-mail address, for each user. You can get a Kid s Passport for minors. You ll learn more about the whole .NET Passport thing in 34 of this book. If you prefer not to go the .NET Passport route, you can set up a free e-mail account through some other provider, such as Yahoo (www.yahoo.com). Exactly how you go about it us up to you. But if you want to keep things simple, and keep everyone s e-mail separate, you should seriously consider setting up a unique e-mail account and e-mail address for each person who uses the computer.
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To create and send a fax from the Windows Fax and Scan program, open that program as described earlier in this chapter. Click Fax in the left column to ensure you re in the faxing mode. Then follow these steps:
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Figure 27-10: The Paintbox palette for the Vertex Paint modifier includes a wealth of features.
A standard method of analysis for linear differential Eq. (5.11) is to use the method of integrating factors [RaBe74]. Both sides of the (rearranged) equation are multiplied by the integrating factor:
input inputA, inputB, inputC, inputD; output outputA; reg outputA; always @ (inputA or inputB or inputC or inputD) begin if (inputA & inputB & ~inputD) outputA = inputC; else if (inputA & inputD & ~inputC) outputA = inputB; else outputA = 0; end endmodule
The area on the hard disk that s used as virtual memory is often called a paging file, because information is swapped back and forth between physical and virtual memory in small chunks called pages. When you fill up both your physical memory and virtual memory, the computer doesn t just stop dead in its tracks and display Not Enuf Memory. Rather, it displays a message in advance, warning that you re about to run out of virtual memory and suggesting that you make room for more. Because the virtual memory is just a tiny paging file on the hard disk, you can easily add more just by increasing the size of the paging file. You don t have to buy or install anything. To the contrary, the only way to increase physical memory is to buy and install more RAM. As you may have guessed, the Change button under Virtual memory in the Performance Options dialog box (shown in Figure 50.4) is the place you go to do that. When you click the Change button, you ll see the options shown in Figure 50.11. In almost all cases, it makes sense to choose the top checkbox labeled Automatically manage paging file size for all drives to allow Windows to adjust the page file.
A pattern language is much more than the sum of its individual patterns. The links from patterns addressing largescale design issues down to small-scale design details help the reader and prospective designer to find the next important pattern as she refines her design. In architecture, the resulting hierarchy is quite simply ordered by geometrical size. Patterns dealing with the general layout of an entire neighbourhood are higher up in the hierarchy than patterns dealing with the question of how to split up an individual house into rooms.
cream venture, after finding that their first choice Saratoga Springs, New York already had an ice cream parlor. They moved into a renovated gas station in 1978 and marked their one-year anniversary with a free scoop day, a tradition that continues nationwide today. The company grew at a rate exceeding 100 percent per year, and in 1985, the founders established the Ben & Jerry s Foundation to contribute to community-oriented projects, to be funded with 7.5 percent of the company s annual pretax profits. Ben & Jerry s wild flavors caught on with the public. Cherry Garcia, named after the Grateful Dead member, became a big hit. After the stock market crash in 1987, Ben & Jerry s vans pulled up to Wall Street to serve free scoops of That s Life and Economic Crunch. Ben & Jerry s began to be held up as a standard for good corporate behavior. Besides the institutionalized profit portion that went to charity, the company codified the salary spread between CEO and the lowest paid worker and regularly supported a variety of social causes. The company introduced Rainforest Crunch ice cream to encourage sustainable growth and preservation in the rainforest regions. One of their brownie factories employed only disadvantaged workers, and when Vermont dairy farmers got pummeled by volatile prices, the company donated a half-million dollars to the family farmers who supplied the milk for Ben & Jerry s ice cream. In 1988, President Reagan named Ben and Jerry Small Business Persons of the Year in a White House ceremony. Jerry put on the only suit he owned for the occasion. In 1993, sales hit $140 million, and the company ran an essay contest to find an outside CEO. First place would get the job. Second place received a lifetime supply of ice cream. In the late 1990s, sales topped $200 million, and a Harris Interactive poll showed Ben & Jerry s as the number five most
The low-fat diet got started in the 1970s. Though this approach was never scientifically proven, it seemed to make sense. Since fat has twice as many calories as carbohydrates or protein, it seemed logical that consuming fatty foods including fried foods, red meat, cheese, and other dairy products was the fast lane to weight gain. Low-fat eating became the rage, and an entirely new category of reduced-fat foods filled supermarket shelves. We had no-fat cookies, fat-free ice creams, low-fat pastries, nonfat milk and cheeses, and on and on. Every food manufacturer was eager to capitalize on this new diet craze. But a curious thing happened. After fifteen years of eating less fat, scientists discovered that Americans hadn't slimmed down at all. In fact, we had grown progressively fatter. During the years when fat consumption was dropping, the weight of the average American adult increased by about 10 pounds. Why Because Americans, believing that low-fat foods would help them lose weight, ate more of them. It wasn't unusual in those days for an individual to consume an entire box of lowfat cookies in one sitting.
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