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companies rely on IT to enable and improve their existing business processes. A growing number of companies, however, regard IT as a critical weapon in a never-ending struggle for market position. So the rst question that top management needs to ask itself is this: Is IT enabling our business, or is IT driving our business A truly responsible set of top managers might go a step beyond and ask: Do we really understand the potential of IT within our environment Where are we on the spectrum of IT users Are we using IT to keep the trains running, or are we using IT to create new products and open new markets When the role of IT is enabling or streamlining processes, top management will be asking variations of three questions: 1. Is IT operating as planned 2. Is IT saving the company money 3. Is IT keeping us compliant When IT is driving the business or when IT is the business, as in the case of many nancial companies, top management will be asking very different questions, such as: 1. Do we have the latest and greatest technology 2. Are we constantly optimizing all of our IT resources
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Broadcasting and Multicasting Routing protocols tend to understand point-to-point and broadcast media, but do not really understand NBMA. A common, but often expensive, workaround is pseudobroadcasting, in which a set of virtual circuits or other destination identifiers is manually configured. When a router sends a data unit with a broadcast destination address, the router copies it to the set of destination paths. A single-node broadcasting to all others is not uncommon in frame relay and X.25, but subjects the router to a significant processing load in copying the protocol data units. This copying overhead would be even more severe at ATM speeds. Some ATM switches support a point-to-multipoint organization where the switch does the packet replication at the cell level, in specialized hardware Address Resolution in Partial Meshes A given FR DLCI tells you how to deliver traffic to a given administratively defined destination. By itself, the DLCI does not tell you what DLCI to use to reach what IP address. The frame relay provider will tell you what DLCI maps to which destination, but gives no information about the higher-layer addressing. You have three choices to map between DLCIs and logical addresses: static definition, inverse ARP, and setting up /30 subnets for point-topoint VCs. Static definition is not necessarily a bad thing. Yes, it is labor-intensive if the network administrator must manually configure every mapping statement. If, however, you generate the mapping statements from the database you use to assign addresses, and use remote configuration to load them into routers, the workload becomes much more reasonable. Inverse ARP has problems in partial mesh topologies. In Figure 4.5, how does router chervil obtain a layer 2 response from router anise chervil has a layer 2 connection to basil, but not to chervil. If the hub interface on basil can be configured to rebroadcast every broadcast frame it receives, inverse ARP can work. Pseudobroadcasting, however, can put a heavy processing load onto the hub router.
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than Boeing, Gillette, or Disney and double that of General Motors. (Keep in mind that eBay did not even exist until 1995.) If eBay were a country, in 2004 it would have been about the 55th wealthiest in the world, worth more than Morocco, Vietnam, or Kuwait. Despite this size, the company s revenues grew nearly 80 percent that fiscal year and is expected by most analysts to grow at least 30 percent per year for the foreseeable future. Profit margins are huge, and the company throws off a tremendous amount of cold, hard cash. Amazon has defied all its critics and kept on growing. The company s market cap often floats up to $20 billion, and in 2004 the company was worth twice as much as Sears. Amazon was expected to book close to $7 billion in revenue that year. It is still growing at a clip of 30 to 40 percent per year. Not bad for a virtual company with a very small hard asset base. One of the most visible casualties of the dot-com meltdown was online pet retailers. Don t tell that to PetMed Express. It was ranked as the top hot-growth company out of 100 high flyers in a 2004 BusinessWeek article (Special Report, Hot Growth Companies, June 7, 2004). It sells pet prescriptions direct to consumers by various methods, but over half its business comes through the Internet. Its approximately 150 employees generate over $30 million per quarter in revenue. Sales and profits both grew over 100 percent in the past year. The business-to-business cases might not be as well known but are equally impressive. Oracle sells and supports database software. That s pretty much all the company does. They generated over $10 billion in revenue in 2003 a terrible year for tech companies and $2.6 billion of that was net profit. That s some serious money. In terms of market cap, their worth hovered around $55 billion in late 2004. Oracle software is a tool, so let s compare that to some traditional toolmakers. To equal the market worth of Oracle when I wrote this, you would have
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