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Business systems
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Dim WordObj as Word.Application Set WordObj = New Word.Application WordObj.Documents.Add Template:= Normal , _ NewTemplate:= False, DocumentType:=0
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Figure 2.22 shows 11 properties available for the CreditLimit Currency field. Other types, such as Number and Date/Time, Text, or Yes/No show more or fewer options.
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Model elements Element2 name: String *
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Cultivating Strategic Relationships
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= G(k) - c
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can convert to cash within a year, such as marketable securities, both equity and xed income. The Fund should consider investing in all liquid asset classes in which it can gain competency to invest, and it should base its portfolio weight in each class on whatever combination it expects will provide optimal risk/return characteristics for the aggregate portfolio. Where feasible, the Fund should also seek diversi cation within asset classes. For example, in common stocks, the Fund should normally
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Reports do not support subreports
3. Choose which type of disc you want to create. The options available to you depend on the type of disc you inserted:
Dest. P2 P1 Public P1 Public
We have derived an adequate risk measure for the bank s concern with total risk in this chapter. Even though we identified risk capital as the most appropriate measure, we concluded that (the shortcut measure) economic capital is the only practical way to determine the economically based capital re-
The Heavenly Temple 83
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