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Vertex: Snaps to polygon vertices Endpoint: Snaps to a spline s end point or the end of a polygon edge Edge/Segment: Snaps to positions only on an edge Midpoint: Snaps to a spline s midpoint or the middle of a polygon edge Face: Snaps to any point on the surface of a face Center Face: Snaps to the center of a face Several snap points specific to NURBS objects, such as NURBS points and curves, are also shown in Figure 8-16. These points include: CV: Snaps to any NURBS Control Vertex subobject Point: Snaps to a NURBS point Curve Center: Snaps to the center of the NURBS curve Curve Normal: Snaps to a point that is normal to a NURBS curve Curve Tangent: Snaps to a point that is tangent to a NURBS curve Curve Edge: Snaps to the edge of a NURBS curve Curve End: Snaps to the end of a NURBS curve Surf Center: Snaps to the center of a NURBS surface Surf Normal: Snaps to a point that is normal to a NURBS surface Surf Edge: Snaps to the edge of a NURBS surface
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Working with NURBS
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World knowledge economy entrepreneurs. Strong, well-written, reasonable protections could go a long way toward promoting innovation and rewarding developers of content. However, there is enormous risk that large, influential multinational corporations will use negotiations over legitimate intellectual property issues, such as counterfeiting and piracy, to stifle competition or impose draconian penalties that inhibit the fair use and global spread of new ideas.15 Role of government. Government is considered by many ideologues to be the natural enemy of free-market entrepreneurship. But as we have seen from the examples, 21st-century entrepreneurship creatively engages government in various ways, and creative, activist government policy is sometimes essential to create and sustain a climate where new companies can compete on a level playing field with better-established firms. When assessing the risks posed by governments to Young World entrepreneurship, it is more appropriate to look at the qualitative content and execution of government policies than to make judgments based solely on whether government is activist or laissez-faire. For example, while over-regulation remains a general risk for small business growth, some requirements for labor, environmental, accounting and reporting, and quality assurance give confidence to foreign partners, investors, and consumers if the regulations are reasonable, transparent, and fairly enforced. In terms of trade and immigration policy, some governments may be tempted into destructive and short-sighted populism of either the left or the right, or, through inaction, leave in place a status quo in which large private interests can quietly strangle competitors in the crib or co-opt them through anti-competitive measures. Strong governments protect markets, not monopolists. In this sense, strong government can be the ally, not the enemy, of the entrepreneur. Misguided aid. Established NGOs, through institutional momentum, may cling to misguided and counterproductive strategies that perpetuate the dependency of developing economies and crowd out wealth-creating entrepreneurs. Xenophobia and parochialism. The global knowledge economy is cosmopolitan by definition. It thrives on the mingling of new
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Display simple folder view in Navigation pane
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What am I really doing to create the life I want 1. _____________________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________________ 3. _____________________________________________________ 4. _____________________________________________________ 5. _____________________________________________________
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Basic Trading Strategies
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Sometimes, when an ideal primary key doesn t exist within a table as a single value, you may be able to combine fields to create a composite primary key. For example, it s unlikely that a first name or last name alone is enough to serve as a primary key, but by combining first and last names with birth dates, you may be able to come up with a unique combination of values to serve as the primary key. As you ll see in the Creating relationships and enforcing referential integrity section, later in this chapter, Access makes it very easy to combine fields as composite primary keys. There are several practical considerations when using composite keys:
/attribute * {ordered} * 1 metaclass ownedAttribute * 0..1 0..1 ownedAttribute Property Class * {ordered} ownedOperation isDerived: Boolean = false * {ordered} 0..1 aggregation: 0..1 Operation * {ordered} AggregationKind isQuery: Boolean = none qualifier ownedOperation Constraint *{ordered} = false 0..1 0..1 * {ordered} memberEnd precondition 0..1 initialValue 2 0..1 * Expression postcondition * 0..1
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