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The current interest rate is 8 percent, but since Mary Anne s Closet has a lot of competition from department stores, Wal-Mart, and catalogs, Hughes doubles the interest rate to account for the risk that Mary Anne s Closet might not be around in two or three years to collect the pro ts. Therefore, the discount rate for Mary Anne s Closet in year 1 is:
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3 Scheduling and Applying for the Exam
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Eq. (8.39)) and normalization constant, Eq. (8.42): = 4.167, G(1) = # = 0.24.
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Exam Essentials
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about what you can do before you kick off an interview. You have to answer, of course, but keep your commercial brief; what you say and how you say it can make or break the success of the interview. A sales trainer may tell you that clients questions and objections are buying signals, which you should jump on immediately. But sometimes, questions and concerns are just that, not a green light to put on the fullcourt press. Objections show what the client is worried about; they may be the opposite of buying signals and point to serious obstacles to the sale. The best interviewers stay attuned to the task and resist the urge to sell. Instead, start collaborating with clients from the outset of every interview. Steer the conversation away from yourself, your services, and your company to address the details of the client s issue. You might think of client interviews as selling s equivalent of a demilitarized zone no direct sales pitching allowed. That way, the buyer will be able to evaluate how you work. The quality of your questions and insights will add to the client s perception of your capabilities and to the relationship. Although your aim is a peer-level give-and-take, let the client do most of the talking. What should you be doing Plan to prove yourself with the relevance of your comments, not by taking the oor. And listen actively so you hear what the client is saying. According to the recent RainToday.com report, How Clients Buy, buyers think services sellers are not very good listeners: Of survey respondents, 38 percent cited Service provider did not listen to me as a major problem with sellers. And 55 percent of buyers said they would be much more likely to consider hiring the provider if the person listened better.2 You don t have to rely just on nodding and making appropriate noises to let buyers know you are listening. Clarify and summarize what you hear. Take notes on signi cant points. Make sure you have a reliable way to capture details that may be important later. Ask questions that make the other person think about the problem in new ways. Stick with the issues, resist pitching your solution, and listen. Those actions will help build a bridge of trust between you and the buyer that will move the sale ahead. Start with Your 10 Best Questions When you are facing a client interview about a complex business problem, what is the best way to draw out the information you need to make sense of the challenge If you ve done your homework, you probably have a
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The ability to gather the required information Identification of the individual or organizational stakeholders Scenario simulations The ability to monitor the performance and consolidate information
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Caution There is zero margin for error when you re messing with things at this level. If you re not the technical type, don t do this. Don t guess, experiment, play around, or anything else here.
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Users @ xyz.com
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Skate wings, top view (left) and bottom view (right)
Part III Modeling
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